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  1. @Sarge2155 we've been following your story. Congratulations and thanks for encouraging us to believe it's real!
  2. @K1visaHopeful - yesterday on 04/07 we received New Card Being Produced and today 04/08 is has changed to Case Approved for i-485! We had a Interview scheduled for 04/15 and got the cancellation notice about last week. We are very excited at this because we were certainly not expecting it!
  3. Our Adjustment of Status from K1 Interview that was scheduled for April 15th 2020 in Chicago, IL has been cancelled due to COVID-19. I feel really fortunate though, because my Husband is here and we are together and I know that is not the case for everyone else! Hope every stays safe and things turn around for the better soon.
  4. Thanks everyone for the replies :) we got an x ray done on the Thursday (thankfully for only $50)...and the next day we had a call from the doctors to say the X-ray was normal and I could pick up the forms. So our AoS is officially sent off. No more forms. No more medical visits. No more fees. Just need to wait for the interview now...feels such a relief!
  5. Hello there, so it's probable then that his UK chest x-ray was negative for 05-17-19 medical.. and hopefully the same would be true for this x-ray. I also feel as frustrated as my husband.. because we did not need another medical in the first place just his missing vaccines but I could not find a Civil Surgeon that we could get to who would do vaccine transcripts only. The office called yesterday saying they were sending the work order to the hospital where the x-ray would be performed. I called the hospital to confirm before we drove all the way there. The hospital has no record of it so I wanted to confirm their correct fax number. Then called the doctor's office back and they had faxed it to the hospital phone number, not the fax number. Really? I work with a fax machine everyday and it's really obvious when you are trying to fax to a telephone number and not a fax line. Our worst case action plan right now is to mail out his AOS packet soon as his 1-94 runs out on 01-04-2020 and I've everything else needed for AOS. Since the 1-693 can be sent off at a later time I'm not willing to let that cause him overstay time. Thanks for sharing your information with us, it is very much appreciated. - Nikki
  6. Hello there, we have also had the hardest time finding a civil surgeon to sign off on vaccines.. we called the ones listed in the wiki page but have not had any luck! - Nikki
  7. Hello there, this is his wife. I'm definitely planning to get his chest x-ray done just to determine if the TB is latent or active or if the blood test was somehow a false positive. I presume there was nothing that showed up on his UK medical on 05-17-19 otherwise he would not have been granted his K1 visa. His I-94 runs out on 01-04-2020 and I have everything else needed for AOS so our worst case scenario plan of action at this point if I can't get Civil surgeon signature is to mail off AOS packet and complete I-693 once we receive either RFE or interview letter. Thanks forsharing your information with us, we very much appreciate it. - NIkki
  8. Hello there, my husband made the original post. We share the page together. I've every so grateful that he is here with me and worse case scenario I will send off his AOS packet before his deadline is up 01-04-2020. And then send in 1-693 when we got notice from USCIS for AOS interview. Everyone's kind posts has really helped ease his anxiety which I'm even more grateful for. - Nikki
  9. Hello there, it was a blood test. We simply needed to get my husband's missing vaccines: MMR, Tdap, and now Flu because of season and we have completed those vaccines. His 1-94 runs out 01-04-2020.. so we are hoping to get the 1-693 signed. There were no issues with his UK Medical which was on 05-17-2019 so we assume this is a false positive as many other people have reported.
  10. Thank you so much to everyone who replied, I appreciate it. I know I’m probably over reacting to this...its not like I’m seriously ill and if I need antibiotics it’s for all the right reasons to protect this fine country. It’s just been a looooong year with so much stress and doctors. I thought we were finally done with it so it’s just disheartening to be told there’s more to do. But we’ll see what 2020 has in store.
  11. Hello again... I have a follow up question. His 1-94 expires Jan 04 2020 and I have everything else needed for AOS. Per 1-485: "You are NOT required to submit Form I-693 at the time you file your adjustment application, but may do so if you wish. Because of the time-limited validity of Form I-693, you may choose to submit your Form I-693 after you file your Form I-485. You may also submit Form I-693 in person at an interview in a USCIS field office, if an interview is required." I'm thinking we would be better off to send off AOS packet and then continue to work on completing the missing vaccines for the 1-693. What are your or anyone else's thoughts? Thank you kindly for the comments thus far.
  12. Hello there. My husband did have blood drawn, and that is where they got the TB result from.
  13. Hello there. Yes my husband had an incomplete vaccine history from his UK Medical back in 05-2019. We were trying to get the missing vaccines, which he know has completed here in the US. The medical office called today and stated he know needs a chest x-ray.
  14. I swear, it feels like an uphill battle. I had my K1 medical done in London back in April and everything was fine. I needed a few shots which I said I would get in the US (dumb mistake on my part). When I got to the US I was told I’d have to take another medical along with the shots, which included blood work. We were told today I’ve been tested positive for TB and I need to go for an X-ray. This is news to me as I don’t feel ill and it didn’t show up on the X-ray in England. I wanted to see if anyone else had been through this situation because truth be told, I’m freaking out. I’m so tired and fed up of all the paper work and spending so much money along with all the poking, the stabbing, and now more xrays. What happens next? What happens if I’m found negative or positive? I’m just feeling so defeated.
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