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  1. Hi again. Sorry to message you with two questions -- 


    My husband is now at the medical exam stage, and his interview letter came with only 9 business days prior to the interview. His medical exam in Portugal was completed as soon as possible (two business days later), but they told him they can't have the documentation at the consulate in time for the interview. Did this happen to you? If so, what is your experience with it and does it cause delays? 


    Also, the list of required vaccinations on the US immigration services website versus US state department website versus medical exam doctor are very different. Do you know which vaccinations were required? 

  2. HI James, Same thing happened to me. I just got my Case number 4 months after approval. Try to contact USCIS again and ask then to Check on your petition. After I did this finally got my Case number. (I don't know if it was just a coincidence). Give it a try. Good luck.
  3. Hi, could I ask you a question regarding "given name" and "surname" on the DS-260 since you are immigrating from Portugal?


    In the US, the convention of First Middle Last makes it such that US passports list "Given name" as First Middle and "Last name" as Last. In Portuguese, however, all middle names are listed as "surnames" on the passport. In the DS-260, it says all information must match the passport/travel document. Does this mean that "Middle last" will have to be listed as my Portuguese husband's last name for his DS-260 form, even though his middle name is not really a 'surname'? 

  4. HI. My PD is 14 Jan. Was approved in 20 March and received Case number July 25.
  5. Hello! As an update we just received our Case Number from NVC. Good luck to you all 🤞
  6. I had an IOE. The experience with Uscis was great. We were approved in 2 months. Since March we are waiting for case number from NVC. This is being a nightmare as we are Reaching 4 months waiting just for a Case number. Until today I just know that NVC can't access our information as it's all electronic. Let's see... They are refining this process but this waiting it's a bit frustrating. Good luck to all.
  7. Hi all. We've been approved last March 20th and until now no Cas Number. I'm calling NVC and e-mailing every week but just keep receiving the very first e-mail where they say we are in a special pilot project and it will take more than 30 days. Wel, almost 100 days have passed and nobody can give us an update. We are starting to get frustrated with this. Never heard of 4 months just waiting for case number... This letter of confirmation you refer is from NVC?? Thank you and good luck to all. If anybody has any news about getting case number please let us know!!
  8. Unfortunately didn't receive any case number. I already sent emails and call NVC and nobody is able to help.
  9. Hi. Do you mind if I ask you what's the cost for the medical exam? It's the 224€ mentioned or more? Thank you and good luck
  10. This means you benefit from an Electronic processing at Uscis. For what I learned it's way to faster. We didn't expedite. Now we are waiting to receive a Case number at NVC. They say they are getting used to process this type of petition so for now it's all I know. Good Luck 😊
  11. Hello, my name is Judith and I have been seeing the thread that you all have going. I am in a similar situation as RITA, and wanted to see if maybe you or anyone else that has gone through this can help me. I have sent my I-130 petition as a US Citizen for my spouse. I received my 1st I-797C, Notice of Action within a week of having sent it (Received date: March 25, 2019) and I too got a receipt number that starts with an IOE, what does this mean? Also, I have not been able to access my account online, very much like you, I have been getting an error message. I keep calling USCIS and they say that my case is still not in the system. Is this normal? Should I be receiving something else? Also CONGRATS on the approval, did you do anything to expedite the process? 


  12. Hello!! So just as an update we just got our petitions approved! We received NOA 2 last week. You should be also fine as our receipt number still not appearing in case status. All the best! Rita
  13. Dear Jenn, Exactly same situation! We have been trying to get some information on USCIS Costumer Service line but nobody could help until now. We will keep trying and let you know about it. If you have also some updates please let me know! You were sent to Potomac? Rita
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