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  1. June dates are open!! Got my interview date on June 12th at 8:30
  2. Yeah I did get my packet 4. I don't see a prompt to pay anywhere though, only that there are no appointments available at this time. I guess I just have to wait for appointments to open up.
  3. Are we able to pay the fee without having an appointment available? I can't seem to figure out how if so.
  4. I was wondering the same thing, also a Canadian w/ a Canadian passport here. I was doubly confused since "B1/B2" was written on the stamp. I've always traveled by air through Pearson.
  5. Not necessary since as the beneficiary fiance of the K-1 you're not considered a dependent at the time of filing the i-134.
  6. Totally okay as long as it's all legible. My fiance decided to hand-write "N/A" over our petition right before sending it in rather than leaving sections blank.
  7. I sent the NVC an email (as the beneficiary) last week asking to update our emails on file but accidentally wrote the wrong month for my fiance's birthday. I haven't received anything back but I'm wondering if I should re-send the request or wait for some sort of response. Hoping it won't be much of an issue.
  8. Hello, my fiancé and I sent in our application end of October and received the confirmation text & email shortly after, however didn’t receive the Receipt of Notice. After a month of waiting and no mail we checked to see that our case status online updated, saying that our Notice mail was sent back by the USPS and that we should request the document to be re-sent. We’re not totally clear why the Notice was sent back but figure there must have been some mix up between my fiancé’s living address and mailing address (he needs to use a PO box to receive mail). He sent in the e-request and got the Notice a few days later. My concerns are: (1)Should we formally change the mailing address for our case on the USCIS website? Did it “automatically update” when he submitted the e-request? We don’t really know why the notice was marked as undeliverable in the first place but would like to avoid it happening again in the future in case it slows the process the down, especially if it’s something like an RFE and we’re not aware we received one. (2)Our case status hasn’t updated on the status tracker on the USCIS website. It still says the old message of how the USPS returned our mail and we would need to put in a request and we have until April or our application will be considered abandoned, etc. From some reading around it seems like it likely won’t update until we get another big update on our case, so we can ignore it since we received our physical Notice anyways-- is this correct? Additionally, on the Receipt of Notice there are 2 dates: Received date (Oct. 25) and the Notice date (Nov. 27) – which more precisely represents our NOA 1 date? These probably aren’t a huge deal, but some clarification would help put our minds at ease while we’re waiting on any updates, thanks!
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