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  1. what if someone who won lottery in 2019 but did not have his interview yet due to covid. will they conduct the interviews once the consulates are opened?
  2. To clarify, he is a relative. I did not Sponsor him, he won a lottery. The reason i don't want to withdraw is because he trusted me I did all his paper works since he can't speak english.
  3. but can he reinstate his visa? does the embassy accept to reopen a case? I don't care if he finds out but I am more afraid of what if he finds out and he could come. He is dangerous but I can not prove.
  4. Hi all, Does anyone know about the process of withdrawing a case? He has done his interview and waiting for his visa. So my question Can I withdraw his case without him knowing that I done it? please help if you are familiar with the process.
  5. Congrats! what is your type of case, marriage? did you file i-130?. I stopped tracking for a long time since I contacted them on September but they sent me something that they do not issue any other type of visa unless it is a DV or an SIV. we can't do anything so why they are lying.
  6. hi everyone does anyone know how long it takes after the second medical to issue the visa. I have been in AP 18 months now. also I have heard some say that they will probably ask to do a re-oath but some others say that they haven’t asked for a re-oath. how about your experiences did they ask you guys for re-oath?
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