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  1. Congratulations! wow it took less than 6 years to get Visa You are Lucky some of the people here not even got NOA2 although their PD is current in VB
  2. if you are documentarily eligible you should get an interview within 90 days. If not there must be a backlog in your embassy to schedule interview, tell your petitioner to call their state/city representative regarding your case. Current chart showing Jan2014 PD can get IL let alone 2012
  3. It may be not their fault, you see too many visitors and students also have interview dates beside immigrants, they need to increase their desk i guess
  4. Theres must be a backlog in embassy to schedule your interview other than that i don't see any problem... too many applicant waiting for their interview i guess compare to the amount of interviewer out there. Also check if NVC transfer your case to embassy
  5. Good article regarding case processing delays http://immigrationimpact.com/2019/06/07/investigation-into-uscis-processing-delays/#.XRSoDegzZPY
  6. You are Lucky, current administration taking longer time to approve that created a backlog now because of that you cant do anything whether your PD is current in chart A or B
  7. At current pace, you are gonna eligible to get WL within this year but the important thing is California is not approving cases faster, still stuck in 2014. Did your case still approved yet? If not you are not gonna get WL if chart B become current
  8. I think his PD was Aug12 and CC as yours Oct18 You should receive IL next month
  9. it depends, they have quota limit per country for each category, sometimes it doesn't apply to F2A category.
  10. if your PD is current, you have to wait for your call, it also varies by country and service center. Also Jamica in the top ten list fo F2B applicants Country Total Waiting List Mexico 139,673 43.1% Philippines 46,646 14.4% Dominican Republic 35,294 10.9% Haiti 13,419 4.1% El Salvador 9,187 2.8% Vietnam 8,671 2.7% Cuba 8,303 2.6% China-mainland born 6,694 2.1% Guatemala 3,992 1.2% Jamaica 3,974 1.2% All Others 48,378 14.9% Total 324,231 100%
  11. if you get IL this year, your total wait time to get visa would be 5.5 years, atleast one year less than usual wait time😎
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