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  1. me too. maybe in her country is like that. he can ask to someone from the same country of her fiancee
  2. that is the question from Hphelp her fiancee doesnt have surnames.
  3. i have no idea how to do that.
  4. really. so far nobody receive it yet from the friends i knew. it will be sent once only.
  5. nope. packet 3 will be sent as per decision of the USEM. the last packet 3 was sent as far as i can remember was dec 13, 2018 then feb 11, 2019. my file was ready dec 15. no packet 3 in january so i waited feb and i received it on the 11th.
  6. the embassy has the email of the petitioner. emailing the usem will not expedite the p3. it is unpredictable when they will send the p3. if you sched the interview and no p3 they will not let you proceed.
  7. btw theres no payment when you fill out the ds 160. the payment is when you schedule the interview and you will enter your application id num assigned from your ds 160. all the instructions on how to book your interview is part in your packet 3. all will receive 4 attachments the petitioner or beneficiary will schedule the interview. just enter all the details
  8. the sponsor can fill out. try to open it with other web browser. i used explorer. the id num will be given to you once you fill out sa ds 160. you can use that to retrieve your ds 160.
  9. in abu dhabi USEM its important to wait for packet 3 before scheduling the interview because nobody knows the exact time when they will send it. some waited for 1 or 2 months, some 3 days or 2 weeks. its unpredictable. no packet 3 no interview and another payment to book again. you can start filling up the ds 160 and do not submit it yet. submit it when you receive the packet 3 and at the same time book the interview. save the ds 160 application ID you will use that to retrieve the file. open the ds 160 again within 30 days. I schedule my medical after i receive the packet 3. any way the hospital will ask you when is your interview and advise you when is the appropriate time. there is no other way to expedite the packet 3. they will answer your email there is no vacant for local scheduling. you can email them at AbuDhabiIV@state.gov you can ask help here anytime
  10. thank you for the info. congrats to both of you.
  11. im concern about the IRS. if im correct they ask IRS for CR1 not applicable for k1?
  12. thats still good news. congrats. did they find the ITR 2018 and IRS?
  13. This is awesome. the passport is on hand now. Praying everything goes well.
  14. If they renew the visa the applicant will undergo medical again for the new to be issued and it includes new emirates id. the HR or the PRO are the responsible person who hold the passports. it means if the visa will end jan 30 your fiance can stay in UAE until March 1,2019 ( 30days grace period).