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  1. Hi, Jaysaldi. You and your fiance can get marry after she already in the US. You can not change her name to married name in her first SSn card claiming, only in single name. It will confuse them. this is my experienced. she will get her married name when she applies her AOS then everything EAD, AP and green card is in married name. Good luck
  2. My status is 167 days now since status changed " Case is ready to be Schedule for an interview" . i hope time goes faster and get interview soon.....
  3. I suggest submit AOS documents again, you still have chance. check more samples how to do it properly. It is September already, Maybe You already did it right. Good luck!
  4. Nice day again, wake up seeing I will get new mail from SSA soon today. I hope that is a new SSN card in my new name. EAD card received Aug 17
  5. Mine took 3 weeks with manual verification. if you are already file it, just need to wait. They will send you via mail. Good luck
  6. Yes, the old ssn is in single name. That is why I want to know about the new in married name. Is it always on the way after Combo card or never?
  7. Wow , congrats for you. Could I know about your ssn? Was it a new card you tick in the I- 765? Because I request new one either, but never arrive. PS. I had old one since I first arrived here.
  8. Update, now I get my combo card in hand!!!! Happy Saturday you guys! Yours will come soon!
  9. Yes, they try to approve one by one. It is a little different in status changing but We all in March will get it EAD/AP or interview soon.
  10. It changes only for EAD as I mention above, AP still keeps received in the tracking app. But I got mails today of NoA2, notice of approval from EAD and AP. The date of notice is the same the date when status changed to new card is being produced.
  11. Mine starts from New card is being produced to Card was mailed to me in 2 days, then changed to Card was picked up by usps after a day ( there was a tracking number). Now I am waiting to see the package for USPS estimate delivery tomorrow or on Monday.
  12. I just get two envelopes from USCIS, it is an approval notice for EAD and ap. Tomorrow I ll see my card soon in the mail. Feeling so happy like win lottery😁😊
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