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  1. I am in AP since May 28, 2019....

    Interview conducted at Islamabad.

  2. so I should just wait for their email/instructions?
  3. did not received anything from them either. the file was updated April 24, so I am guessing that's when they reopened DS 260
  4. Hello everyone, if i can get as many info on re-opening of DS 260 for husband case i will really appreciate. my husband had his interview at the Islamabad embassy 01/2018 and was put on AP,( they needed more pictures of us together despite of them having bunch) and ever since he has been waiting, they have not asked for anything else. now his medical has expired so is DS 260, him or I did not received any mail from NVC asking to renew any of that but when i logged in to the website today under the ds260 it said re-opened , now do we have to just go head and update or what to do? please help
  5. my husband has been stuck on Ap from last 17 months and still no answer, they do not need anything but still under AP. he had his interview at Islamabad embassy 1/2018. all we can do is wait, hopefully my husband, you and many other get the visa asap.
  6. reason i asked was, my husband had his interview 1/4/2018 at islamabad pakistan and was refused but they kept his passport and they gave him 221g aswell but its a white letter asking for more wedding pictures(they already had bunch of em so dont no why) and ever sine we been just waiting for visa. its been almost a year for a AP.
  7. did they keep his passport or it was a stright up denied?
  8. yes they have his passport since the interview, and i kept emailing them back in May and June so one day they ask me to send my husband's siblings info( dont ask me why cuz i dont no myself), which i send on the same day, few updates on CEAC after that but no response, i just email again this morning, so lets see wht they say.
  9. My husband's visa has been in AP since Jan 2018, so dont know how long would it be.
  10. no call/email unless of course i email them, CEAC sayes AP last update was june 15 when i emailed them, and i am shocked as well as my sister's hubby has been here in states for about 10 months now, and his case was started on same day as mine. its just toooo much.
  11. NO we did not beacuse they asked to be sent via express srvcs, and yes back in Jan (i am guessing when they recieved the docmnts) there were few updates, and then i email them in june and they asked for my husband's siblings info( asked to respond the emil) which i did on same day and then few updates in June, thats all last update was june 15.
  12. my trips to pak you mean? i just went one time since the shahdi, which was last year july, and his interview was this Jan. also my sister had her hubby visa processed at the same time as mine, and her husband got his visa Dec,2017.
  13. nothing, they just asked for more pics of us and some whatssapp/email printouts. which he send the very next day of interview.
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