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    Green card abandoned when my wife's mother became disabled and bed-ridden after a short coma and we overstayed our absence abroad without authorization. Had no contact online with any immigration sites and were not aware of the new regulations and requirements. Made several attempts to return to the USA within one year but other problems developed and flight reservations had to be canceled. We are seeking a new resident visa. Married 30 years.

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  1. Not very hygienic remedy that has always worked for me at health clinics is breathing on my fingertips, from my open mouth. That moisturizes my finger every time and gets a good print.
  2. Update: Manged to reschedule to Sep. 23. I have rescheduled the biometrics for two hours before the interview. Is that too late?
  3. What did they charge for the medical with vaccinations?
  4. Hi-

    How long did the biometrics take and is two hours before the interview time enough?



  5. I'm married to Brazilian. I was working overseas so we moved to Brazil. Otherwise I could have been in your shoes. In 15 years the sister likely will be married with kids....and a husband. So add some more years. Also, on the positive side, once an immigrant visa is requested, tourist visas aren't so easy to get...
  6. Got my wife's interview date July 16, yesterday, scheduled for Aug. 02. Two weeks' notice! Will have to reschedule due to foot injury.
  7. Starting new topic.. What are the options for receiving the results of the medical exam. Staying 4-5 days in a decent hotel can get expensive.
  8. We relinquished the first GC in Feb, 2018 and filed the I-130 in Oct. 2018. No problem.
  9. I am concerned, not about the card, but the number. My wife has earned enough credits (40) on her current SSN to be eligible for SS and Medicare when she retires. She might lose that benefit if a new number is issued.
  10. I should have received a letter from the DHS at the US consulate in Peru but only received an email with a PDF copy of the I407 form we sent abandoning the first Green Card. The form had been updated though with a date of receipt stamp and recognition of the abandonment expressed in the last 4 parts of page 2.. We are also in our 6th month since NOA2. Covid19 has created quite a large backlog...
  11. We are in the same process, 2nd time around. Waiting for the interview. First time was a breeze, so many years ago. Had I known it was so difficult now, I would have explored other alternatives to try to keep the first GC valid. Reason for abandoning the GC, wife's mother became very ill and needed her as guardian since 2014.
  12. My wife wound up abandoning her first green card when her mother developed health problems back overseas and she became her guardian in 2014 for financial and health matters. We have been living overseas since then and applied for a new GC in 2018. Before abandoning the GC she had a Social Security number, with significant contributions. We are now waiting for the interview. Her mother just recently passed away. I had answered, on the I-864 I believe, that she does not need a Social security number issued as she already has one. Was that a mistake? I still file married jointly on taxes using her social security number. TIA
  13. In the same boat as Hilde for Brazil. Just got DQ'ed today. Looks like a long wait ahead of us.
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