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    Green card abandoned when my wife's mother became disabled and bed-ridden after a short coma and we overstayed our absence abroad without authorization. Had no contact online with any immigration sites and were not aware of the new regulations and requirements. Made several attempts to return to the USA within one year but other problems developed and flight reservations had to be canceled. We are seeking a new resident visa. Married 30 years.

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  1. $160 is the fee that you must pay before the interview for a tourist visa - applies also to student visa, business visa, exchange students.
  2. We are pretty much expecting the resident visa interview to happen before November (I-130 filed in October, 2018) but if it doesn't happen $160 (visa fee) will be less than the air fare to visit the nearest consulate.
  3. I might be looking at this situation come November. I have petitioned for a new green card for my wife of 30+ years. If her resident visa is not received before then, we want to visit the USA and will be looking for a tourist visa for her.I have read that we will need proof of economic obligations here - plus a clean police record and financial situation - and I remember the Immigration form requires an agreement that she will not be seeking permanent residency (I assume during the short visit). On paper, everything looks okay for a visit on a tourist visa while the I-130 is in progress. The reality depends on the POE officers.
  4. Maybe the update is based on the last petition worked on or approved for any specific time period, like the day. So later filings may have been completed earlier in the day.... Just a guess, but some things like updates may be done manually like someone going by a pile and looking at the filing that's on top of the pile...
  5. NSC (Nebraska) is still working on May filers so it looks to me like 4-5 months to go.. Back in December they were working on March - April, so they at least do not seem to be getting further behind. I am hoping for my wife to have her green card by November for the US holiday season. Suppose I'll start working on my 2018 taxes in case those are asked for.
  6. BIg Congratulations!!! Be sure to keep us informed how things go from here! That must be record time!! What is the abbreviation for the Potomac Center? My petition is at the Nebraska center, NSC.
  7. By "us" I mean my wife and I. We started our process back in January - 2018. It's our second green card so there was some processing going on before we submitted the I-130 and I-130a in October, 2018. The NSC is only working on May petitions right now, so five more months before they get to October. Virginia and Texas are already working on August and July NOA's .- only 2-3 months to go.
  8. Might have a chance for us to be in Texas before November. (NSC - 5 months to go for NOA2 if we're lucky and if I understand the meaning of these dates).
  9. https://www.visajourney.com/content/times/ At the top of this page...
  10. Every 3 months is not too much. The more you visit her, the more it should help. I empathize with you being away from her so often - has to be difficult. I live with my spouse in Brazil.
  11. You should ask your "lawyer" to send you a copy of the files sent to immigration. If he refuses you have no way of knowing your status. Within a few weeks of the I-130 being sent, the lawyer will receive a letter, a NOA-1, Notice of Action which informs the date the petition was received, and accepted, and which center will process it. Your "lawyer" should send you a copy of the letter. If he keeps you in the dark, I would arrange a lawyer who does things "legally" immediately.
  12. I am also using a stateside attorney. When I contracted them I sent in a completed I-130 and I-130a. What they sent back for me to approve was pure fantasy! So after several versions with my correcting each one, we finally got on the same page and I approved a final version. I started with them around May of 2018 and the petition was only sent in October. Hopefully we will not have any corrections to make..
  13. Did you file using DHL or snail mail?
  14. Yours may processed a month or so before mine, judging from the processing center times. Let's keep our fingers crossed that all goes well.
  15. Looks like Nebraska is almost two months behind the other processing centers. Since October they have only advanced 1 month... Wonder if the government is slowing down I-130 processing on purpose.