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  1. Hahaha I can imagine. Most RFE’s aren’t really hard to fix. Hopefully it doesn’t take too much time but keep in mind.....the longest wait is over!
  2. We never had a RFE. Got approved without the letters.
  3. Can I ask you how you can see if your file is shipped? thank you
  4. Thank you so much and I definitely will!
  5. Correct, That one works but the link on that page doesn’t work haha that’s what I meant sorry.
  6. @Greenbaum a while ago you send me the information for the Netherlands including a link to schedule the medical but this link doesn’t work? Do you have another link for me? Thank you for all you help!
  7. Soooo, we were waiting for a RFE because we didn’t send the intent to marry letters or how we met but we got approved today. We are so excited!!!!
  8. Hang in there.....we’re 16th and nothing yet. It’s frustrating but it’s coming
  9. Definitely will Greenbaum! Thank you! We tried to expedite our case with multiple good arguments but still the answer was no. Letter from the captain didn’t work either. It’s ok we have to take it as it is. We decided to wait until June to move, even when we have our k1 already. I can’t transfer with him anymore. With the government shutdown we are more busy trying to make sure families around us have food and money right now.
  10. Thank you! Totally right. For my son it’s really hard. He’s only 6 and wants to see his dad
  11. My fiancé can’t come over either and it’s very expensive but I’m not moving before June cause he’s transferring to Florida after that (military) so this is a break in the waiting time. We’ve been doing this for years now so I’m kinda used to it ( he's at sea often) I really hope everyone gets approved fast!
  12. We can call each other every day. I'm an August 16 filer and still nothing so I booked two tickets (for me and my son) to see him in 3 weeks. Haven’t seen him for 6 months and my son is so sad.
  13. I know what it means. That’s why I’m asking. Can’t be rude and say he dude why are you saying kukluxklan? I knew he didn’t mean that.
  14. Ok maybe check google for kkk meaning haha