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  1. Got it! Thank you so much. He’s not home for a long time but the nvc gave me everything just now. Got my medical scheduled too. I’ll send you the email today.
  2. I already send an inquiry, 2 emails and calling every day with no luck. Fiancé is deployed now so calling is kinda a pain in the but from Holland. Do I need the case number for the ds-160 and when do you need to pay the fee for the ds-160?
  3. @Greenbaum do you know if there is another way to get your nvc case number? We tried calling them the whole time but it’s too busy and they keep asking us to call back later. My fiancé is “out” to sea in a while so it’s going to be hard this way. Weird thing is: got my package already (which I will send you) but is the nvc going to send me something with my case number!?
  4. The esta is for 2 years and you can visit in that time 90 days in a row each visit. I’ve been using mine for 2 years now
  5. I am with my fiancé right now in the states since feb 16 and I even took 3 suitcases full of stuff that I have to move (didn’t even have clothes in my suitcases). They do have a new form I got for the first time. you have to fill out in the plane where they ask about any immigrant or non immigrant visas you applied for, when you did this and if it got denied or approved so I have no idea if they have new rules about crossing the border while waiting for a visa like this.
  6. I think so, that’s why we send it and they can see everything on our fb cause we opened a lot of stuff for them so they can see everything from the last 5 years. We had an appointment at the uscis to give them the letters but at the appointment they didn’t wanna take it cause everything was fine for us
  7. We thought exactly the same thing! It doesn’t say you have to send all that stuff besides things that you think would help to poof that you’ve met and that you wanna get married ( that’s why we send pictures of the wedding rings and engagement ring) I think it’s different for every application. We only send 3 pictures together (with and without my son) and 2 of the engagement and wedding rings with no explanation on the back, no letter about how we’ve met and no intent to marry letters. Only Plane tickets and visa information of 2 trips and never got a RFE
  8. Hahaha hafa adai! I’m actually Dutch but moving back and forward to Guam the last year because my fiancé is stationed there. Transfer to Florida in June. My last days in Guam now.
  9. Ohhhh geepers....so I’m in the states right now with my fiancé (moving my stuff already) and we have everything for the I-134 and then I couldn’t remember if I have to send that stuff to somewhere. If yes, where to?
  10. Hahaha I can imagine. Most RFE’s aren’t really hard to fix. Hopefully it doesn’t take too much time but keep in mind.....the longest wait is over!
  11. Can I ask you how you can see if your file is shipped? thank you
  12. Correct, That one works but the link on that page doesn’t work haha that’s what I meant sorry.
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