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  1. Thanks everyone. That's what I understood, but he kept disagreeing with me. I asked him 3 times in a row if he was sure. This was not our attorney, since up to this point we processed everything on our own. It was an attorney my wife thought sounded good from an FB group he runs, but after that chat, I'll find someone else. Have a pair of local attorneys being recommended by a Catholic Charities Immigration Consultant that sounds much more promising.
  2. I'm needing to get a little clarity, and hopefully someone here can help. In 2012 my wife was ordered removed from the USA in absentia. (We were living in the Philippines since 2009 at that time.) We filed a new IR-1 Visa request in December 2016. In August 2017, I had an interview with an immigration officer in Kansas City, where I directly asked if we needed a waiver, and was told "No, that is why you're here, so we can verify your information and forward your application to the NVC". Fast forward to yesterday.... We received a letter from the Embassy in Manila refusing our visa application, which states: 212(a)(9)(A) You were ordered removed from the USA. Further down the document it indicates we can request a waiver with form I-601. I chatted with an immigration attorney (via messenger), and he stated we need to completely restart our I-130 application process, but I was reading the letter from the Embassy to indicate we only need to file the waiver request. Which way is correct?
  3. Have you seen this website: http://www.philamohio.com/paso/paso-news/ , you may find some new friends and resources in your area. Hunt for other Filipina in the area and make a few friends you can cook, talk, sing, and be "you" with. You may want to check out this restaurant, too.. http://melyskainan.letseat.at Gotta love Google Search...
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