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  1. It's exactly the same. Matter of Arabally still settled case law. 99% chance you'll be completely fine. 1% chance you pose some security risk or your application gets denied while you are gone.
  2. I can tell you many things, in immigration law, or otherwise, where what is on the books is not what is happening in real life. Yea, if people are getting 30 days in jail for the sole reason that they are not having their GC, then yea we should all carry our GCs. My point is, IDK if that is actually happening or not. There's a reason there is a concept of "case law" vs. "on the books law." Between my valid driver's license and EAD where the expiration date is beyond today's date, I don't think I'll get 30 days in jail if someone asks for proof of being here legally. If I learn otherwise, then I am wrong and will carry my GC always. Pointing to something that may never be enforced (which is an open question) isn't making the point you think it is.
  3. You're not wrong, but you're making it seem more likely than it is, outside of border towns and states. I've lived in the US for 19 years now and taken dozens of domestic flights, with zero people asking me for my papers outside of my jobs on my first day, and international customs. My office building is not likely to be raided. At the same time, yes, checkpoints do exist. I wouldn't call it "lucky." It's just unlikely outside of border states like Texas, Arizona, border cities like San Diego etc. Lastly, I carry around my driver's license and my EAD, neither of which are past the expiration date listed on the card, so I think I'll be fine in my situation.
  4. I wonder if this is actually enforced though. There's the law according to the books and then there's what actually happens day in and day out. I wonder if those are the same here. I don't bring my green card, but my EAD still has not expired (although now obviously invalid) so I take that in my wallet instead. Avoids the risk of losing my green card, but still shows some evidence of status in case I am ever asked.
  5. Fact 1: Working without an EAD is unauthorized employment. Fact 2: unauthorized employment is forgiven when AOSing with a US Citizen spouse. Not my words, not a loophole, but express law from Congress. Anyone who has a problem with Fact 2 should take it up with Congress, not me.
  6. I've posted about it a lot. Lawyers and others conflate denial on advance parole with denial for other reasons. It's really rare. I myself was a long overstay and used advance parole 7x in 9 months, and had no issue each time. I did a lot of research and reading of anecdotal stories and was confident. You should be too.
  7. What were the signs? What were other people telling you from day 1? Maybe other people could learn from this. Tbh I see a lot of red flags on this forum, usually accompanied by "But I love him and just HAVE to be with him!" Maybe this will help show people that love doesn't always win and to have your wits about you.
  8. I had my interview recently, was approved 3 days later, and got the green card 6 days after that
  9. I was a visa overstay and used my Advance Parole 7 seperate times with no issue. Had to go to secondary processing each time but was routine and all but one time were short waits.
  10. It depends on the airport and how they've decided to arrange the lines that day. Your default should be the line for non-Canadian visitors.
  11. But the question he is looking for is "how difficult is it for a Phillipines citizen who has a pending immigrant visa in US to visit Canada"? I'm going to go out on a limb and say that that specific answer is not there. Btw, once again you say " Getting a tourist visa to the USA from the Philippines" which again does not acknowledge the correct question OP is asking. He is asking about tourist visa to Canada.
  12. I don't know the answer to OP's question, but I know the answer is not this. It's fairly hard to come to the US on a non-immigrant visa when you have already declared immigrant intent, especially in OP's exact situation (it can be easier if the B2 is already procured). There is no such issue with applying for a Canadian visitor visa since no immigrant intent was declared there. So it will be easier. Now, 5% or 50% easier? I don't know. Probably meaningfully easier. So it's worth a shot.
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