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  1. Term itself is self explanatory , If i used the word his Yearly income is 20-25K than it should give people the idea if his income is that low .. you get tax returns by the end of year when you file for it on IRS . As i said, people don't read carefully here
  2. Didn't know people here just post a reply without even bother reading the actual posts ... Well , I mentioned it clearly 20-25k is his tax returns if you know what tax returns are , if not than help yourself to google : )
  3. his yearly income is around 250,000 to 300,000$ , if you read what i wrote a bit more carefully , I said his TAX RETURNS are 20-25K .. that's the money he is getting back from the govt which paid in tax .
  4. As per US state department the AP process last maximum 6 months, so we think that its just a delay on embassy part , or maybe its not .. we are still figuring out how to move forward , we still have worry about some 5000-10000$ for attorney/fees etc . Changing name was actually something we personally wanted to do, it wasn't for AP but my wife wanted it . Its just i look into it if it will affect AP or not . My thinking is that if i file a WOM and got rejected, than I can restart the process which roughly take 1.5 years to complete , I know some 30-40 people who went to US by marrying and their process roughly ended in 1.5 years maximum , so if i restart the process at least i would than know that I will go with the process again , this time i will have Joint sponsor which wasn't the case before . But right now nothing is final we as couple are still talking this out . Honestly we are waiting patiently and other than sending inquiries we can not do much . May God ease our process and make this stressful time go away , Soon it will be our 3rd anniversary which we spend far from each other, first few years are actually Honeymoon period for any newly wed couple, and we are still struggling here .
  5. Yes we have reached to Senator Lindsey Graham, and his PA contacted us . But embassy response to him was the same that case is under AP , now we are still waiting but we both are thinking about name change and later filing a Writ of Mandamus .
  6. Interview was relatively long , I was noticing time for many Candidates (mostly Females) compared to them mine was 10-15 mins longer , Yes they still have my passport , at first my case updates every month but last it update in July than they haven't updated until recently 8 November .
  7. wow no updates on this thread ? No Pakistani member who is in under AP got their VISA's ?
  8. To all the respected and experienced members here, I have a question to ask about that my case is in under Administrative processing since 12th December 2018, upon our wedding my Wife wanted to change her name officially by putting my name in her last name, but we did not went ahead cause it would require her to go back to US, and do the process legally which even cancel her family insurance which we could have needed, but after a little bit of reading i got mixed opinions from Attorney's , some say its not required/important for a spouse to change her name officially but some suggests it does puts a positive effect on your petition/case , Now we both decided to go ahead and change her name officially meaning on her Passport , Social security card , etc but as our case is in administrative processing i would like to know If we can do it ? and how do we even inform the Embassy that the name of Petitioner is changed ? Should we wait until the AP ends ?
  9. never lie to consular officer , so appear in interview and if asked about drugs do tell them .. and follow up whatever they ask you to do next , and for your own sake bro , Stop doing Drugs of all kind its bad for you and your health .
  10. I have another question to members here, My wife is now planning to change her name , we didn't change her name before cause she planned to come to Pakistan and we have no idea that it will take that long , we thought we will do it when I am there in US , but since I am in AP and there is no end in sight , so we decided to change her name ( Last name ) from her family name to my Initials . What is little concerning me that , if we did change the name but US embassy records has her old name which she used to fill out I-130 , so if we change it now will it delay the AP/Process even further ? And Do I have to inform US embassy that the petitioner name is now changed ? If yes than how should i do it ? Email or send them a letter explaining everything and attaching photocopies of her new Passport/Social security/License ?
  11. how do you know ? is there any thread running for AP for Pakistani's ? Can you guide me ?
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