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  1. Oh okay. My bad. I didn't have the whole picture. I was in the process of signing up on IRS website to order a transcript. I'm glad you replied to my post πŸ™
  2. I will send you a copy of P3 once we receive it. Does the beneficiary receive anything else by mail before interview? We just wanna make sure that we don't miss anything while we are away. We have already told a friend to watch our for mails from embassy. By the way, On a visa help FB page, someone posted that US embassy now requires 'IRS tax transcript' during interview. This is for Philippines embassy. Not sure if this applies to all embassies. ( Just passing along an info I found) Greenbaum, Thanks for replying!!! I appreciate itπŸ‘
  3. NVC sent me wrong case number in the last email and therefore I couldn't check the status on CEAC. On Feb 5th, I received an email from NVC saying that they sent our petition to embassy in UAE. My correct case number was listed on email. I can now check status on CEAC. My case says 'in transit' on CEAC. I have a question. Who gets packet 3? Petitioner or Beneficiary? By email or snail mail? Is it just a letter with instructions for medicals/police clearance/ interview ? Or is there also something that we need to fill out and send back right away? I'm asking because my fiance and I am on vacation and we won't be back to our countries (US and UAE) atleast for another month. Please help.
  4. Anyone else having trouble with CEAC website? I tried to check our status under immigrant using our case number but it's saying "your search did not return any data". I already emailed askNVC regarding this. No reply yet. Does anyone else experience the same issue? My case number was assigned on Jan 22nd. I wonder how long it takes to reach the embassy..
  5. Thank you😊 you guys are seriously the best!!
  6. Thank you so much!! I downloaded the app πŸ˜€ I can't believe I lived in this country for so long and I never knew about this.
  7. How do I sign up for informed delivery?
  8. Thank you!! I hope the process goes smooth for everyone!!πŸ™
  9. I did not have an attorney. There's a website called visatutor.com. I used tips from that site though!! Good luck to you!!
  10. Aug 3 on old site. Aug 8 on new site. Old site still says received. New site says approved. I still haven't received the hardcopy of NOA2 .. hoping to receive it by this week or may be next week.
  11. Woke up to a text message from USCIS this morning 😊 We got approved!!
  12. @Sandford010 😊If so, that'll be the best Xmas present!!! πŸ™
  13. @greenbaum, Thanks for replying :). I just updated my timeline. My fiance is in Dubai. When I filed, I put Dubai for embassy. After sending out the packet, I came to know that k-1 visas are only processed at Abudhabi. I hope they will automatically forward the papers to Abudhabi or should I call and notify them?
  14. After the NOA2 .. how long does it normally take to get the visa in hand? Any clue? Anyone?
  15. My receipt date is August 3rd. Hoping to hear from USCIS by mid January πŸ™πŸ™ good luck to everyone our there 😊