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  1. @Roel i agree with you k1 visa is not a visa to CHECK if you’re “compatible” this process are really hard and to end to lik this really waste of time 😕 goodluck to them.
  2. Those who will start their K1 visa packet I am willing to help just ask me ☺️ 

  3. Alhamdullilah 💖

  4. WE got our NOA2 !! 😃😃😃 Alhamdullilah !! 

    1. RauLia


      The online status still the same didn’t show if we are approved  but we already received our NOA2 letter ☺️ #SeptemberFilers 


  5. RauLia

    Form I-129F expiration date.

    I’m confused about this expiration date 😕 08/31/2018