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  1. Looks like there is movement on the April/May 2021 SRC's so far. I also noticed someone from our August group for LIN listed an approval date as well. Lucky haha. Although, I was thinking this last weekend which caused me to have a migraine since I triggered a lot of 404's in my head lol but I explained to my Wife that I hope her approval doesn't come before Aug 2022 just because I read about the N400 for Naturalization and it seems we can file for their N400's 90 days before their 3 year mark of holding their GreenCard. Told my Wife if she can get lucky then maybe they won't approve her 10yr and we can file her N400 in August as well this year and then just maybe it will speed up everything altogether and she can be hit with back to back interviews and hopefully finish everything altogether at once. At least, that is how I am viewing it. Then, if she is really lucky then just maybe she can have her interviews for both the 10yr and Naturalization all by the end of this year hopefully.
  2. I think this go round I may just ignore the websites altogether lol. My wifes case still says "Case Was Received" but we already gotten her biometrics letter like 2 to 3 weeks I think it was after her first 18 month letter we got lol and still to this day it has not changed. Giving up on the sites at this point. lol
  3. We talking Domestic or International? From the way I understand it is that you can and that is why they provide the extension letters to provide along with the greencards. My wife, her gf, and gf's roomie all three traveled to Puerto Rico for an all girls vacation (yah, they left me alone by myself lol). They flew but I am pretty sure that is still considered Domestic and they said they were not questioned about their Greencard Statuses (My wife and her gf's Roomie are both only have extension letters while her gf just became Naturalized but her Passport is expired lol) Internationally, I would reckon it is safe depending on when, how long, and where you go. That's my guess on it.
  4. @cuongvt101 In my honest opinion, I would wait out the K1 Visa. Even if it is just a few months faster than CR1 at this point. Take it as a test of willpower because in the end yall will be together. I took my now Vietnamese Wife through the K1 process back in 2018/19 and now we're on her Conditional Release phase. Not sure if I can offer any advice but feel free to dm me any questions. I have been going through this entire ordeal with a small group that I started back when I first started all this with about several others who all took Vietnamese Brides as well so if you have any questions concerns about The Vietnam embassies. Especially, HCMC feel free to ask. Doing this myself without a Lawyer, as well as with others help from here on this forum, I can probably assist a bit. RFE's we can all assist you with as long as you're 110% up front with us. I myself got an RFE for my now Wife but it was something simple that I overlooked and all we had to do was basically add letters. lol Soooo yeah, time & Patience. I would also suggest filling out your timeline on this forum and feel free to take a look at my timeline as well as I also added lots of notes in there as well from our experience with HCMC.
  5. An App sent you a notification? Does it allow status checks to? I actually checked my wifes status for the first time in forever and the two sites I have both still just say case recieved' although her bio was waived a long time ago lmao. I am gonna hard guess that they will keep forgetting to update her status up till when everything is done and finished hahaha. Would be curious to see if the app shows anything different.
  6. Hope everyone here had a good Christmas and a Happy New Year's. Ours was starting off good till somehow one drunken night my wife broke her tooth and decided to tell me about it a few days later. heh Now she gets to learn American Dental prices since she refused to join my Dental Insurance. lol
  7. Oh wow, been awhile. Hope all has been well and that everyone had a great Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. lol I am sure we all look more forward to the cheaper deals as well. hahaha I know my Wife did. lol
  8. I wouldn't worry too much about that. I know from since the very beginning of my wifes k1 process, all way to up this process it has never updated correctly for us until everything was officially closed out and even then sometimes it wouldn't update until like weeks or months after lol. My wife has her bio waived letter and none of her stuff has updated to that either lol. Won't worry too much about it. @ane21 and @sashsash If it also helps, my wife is LIN and just got the 24 month updated letter today in the mail as well. So, they're just slowly sending out updated letters to everyone.
  9. My guess is from where they got approved to extend out to 24 months instead of 18 months and probably just updating peoples documents, or maybe the person/people handling yalls cases are doing a courtesy update. That is just my guess though because people should be getting the 24 month extension letter now instead of the 18 month which I believe got approval just within weeks of all of us mailing off our ROC Documents. My wife hasn't gotten the 24mo but if she did then I would assume they were just updating is all. Probably won't have any affect otherwise I would assume.
  10. Any updates? Have you tried comparing with the other months on the google sheets that is out there? I looked on there and the earliest month I see the CSC/WAC getting their Bio Letters is the May Filers. Seem those who filed in May who got WAC/CSC filed in May and got their Bio Letters in September. Doesn't seem like any of the June filers have updated/received theirs yet. To Note: Also, if anyone else has been keeping an eye on the Google Sheets. I noticed that a lot of our rows were missing. I thought they were deleted at first but then noticed it was whole row numbers and not just a row where it still shows the number on the side. Seems someone filtered to show CR1 only which caused all the others to *vanish* lol. Lets remember that this sheet is live and editable by all. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uJwpaHzGIuuvbVMXK5h-F8KH3hCh88kMxpxC4uOJOk8/edit?usp=sharing
  11. Hm you're right. In fact, our timelines are damn near similar. Guess length of time doesn't account for anything then. Literally no clue then. I am clueless. Maybe we can possibly dig around and hopefully find a possible solution to it because that just seems weird that the rest of us at LIN would get waivers and they give you an appointment. I wonder if the google sheets document will show anyone else from LIN over over the last year as not being waived as well. Maybe?
  12. That's weird. You're LIN and they didn't waive your Biometrics? What was your initial case file? K1? CF something? The only thing I can think of would be length of time compared to coming to America to filing for AOS to time it took to get the Conditional Green Card to Now.
  13. Yes, I believe we have to send the money for Biometrics no matter what. Not sure how they determine who is waived, and whos not waived though. Possibly could be why they're waiving them. Not exactly sure as to why or why not though. Also, they keep the Biometrics Fee. On the letter it states no biometric refund.
  14. You know... For LIN people, I have been keeping track of the auto update emails from this site and just got this one... Will be really nice if this estimate approval is true. lol From the looks of the excel spreadsheet going around I am also tying that in with this estimation so I am not going to tell my wife but hey, may Summer 2022 I can have her be done with this stuff. lol I know the last few emails I got were all like eta's for 2023 sometime and I was like wow but this latest one. Hell yeah, I can stand behind this estimation. lol
  15. Same! My wife just got a letter from USCIS. Notice was on 9/9/21 and we received it today 9/16. Biometrics Waived. Also LIN.
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