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  1. @Greenbaum I am sure I already know this answer myself but just looking for some possible clarification. I am going to be using my Father as a cosponsor. On the I-134, page 4: I have submitted a visa petition to US Citizenship and Immigration Services on behalf of the following person. (followed by the name, relation and dob, and date of filing of the beneficiary). Considering I am the main sponsor and filed for her and he is just a cosponsor and did not file for her. I assume I can just leave this blank correct?
  2. Hey @Greenbaum apparently Vietnam does it as well. I believe one of the guys said that when his Fiance got it by mail it had a copy of the I-129F with I guess their stamps/markings on it and it was interesting to see how they processed their form.
  3. Advice noted @Greenbaum . Thanks!
  4. I have a question for once... On the I-134, I am using my Father as a Cosponsor. Page 4, Part 3, Question # 38, I know as Sponsor I put intend and then under page 7: N/A (Filling I-129F FOR MY FIANCE TO BEGIN K1 VISA PROCESS FOR PERMANENT RESIDENCE). <- Just like on the example form that is listed under VJ. But as for my Dad, when I go to fill his out. I wonder if N/A (Filling I-129F FOR MY FUTURE DAUGHTER-IN-LAW TO BEGIN K1 VISA PROCESS FOR PERMANENT RESIDENCE) ????? Also, do I have to hand write in N/A under all the spots that are blank and None under all the spots that have 0's or no numerical value to be listed (like an unused date of births or zip & postal codes?) or should writing it out like the VJ Example be sufficient???
  5. DS-160 made me want to throw my laptop out of my fiance's 4th story hotel room when I Was visiting her over the course of 24 hours trying to fill that damn thing out for her.
  6. Don't lose face. It will surely come!
  7. Are you using this format? EXP 26 DEC 2018A 26 12 2018 27 12 2018 I use this and can get results for Vietnam which currently shows packages.
  8. Hell yeah! That is awesome.
  9. Thanks, Greenbaum. I have actually learned a lot already through VJ, as well as the private group chat I made that I have with a few others on here as well. Now, if that is the Confirmation Letter then oh I will be adding this to her Interview Books that I am making as well. I know once I get her stuff completed to take over then I might actually go ahead and create a Forum under the Vietnam section and I will tag you in it as well if and when I complete it so if any new Vietnam K1's come through then they can have a written out guide as well with pictures & links lol. That way it can hopefully assist future Vietnam K1's.
  10. So I think this is what is happening today... They are slowly updating peoples accounts to "In Transit" and then tomorrow they will all be shipped. Also, I just received an email as well from the NVC stating: NVC-do-not-reply@state.gov Subj: The National Visa Center sent your K1 visa petition to the U.S. Embassy/Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Dear Sir/Madam: The correspondence attached to this email relates to the I-129F visa petition listed in the subject line. Please read the information in the attachment carefully and follow the instructions. Regards, National Visa Center Written Correspondence Team - 603-334-0700 - ASKNVC@state.gov Note ^^^ This wasn't through AskNVC. I guess they just add it with their signatures for contact info. Here is what my attachment said: Note: I left our first names. Honestly, I would have left it completely open cause I don't see this info as private but I am now convinced I know some jealous friends lol
  11. Check as well and it says in Transit too. Nice. Updating Timeline now.
  12. https://ceac.state.gov/ceacstattracker/status.aspx?eQs=WAe27Zb+JdRwRxvUOlqGBshcamfuiKuDZ2j2o1WLTsFTCEeMgv6qCzIEZBsREtnpe1uOBsMNarfTOIEIQLoG5GjEFM+HFNXArr3dDC3Cvws= Keep in mind I did send you an invite to a group chat with quite a few of us that are all doing Vietnam man. Feel free to join us if you like. We can help you with all your questions man. Especially, with the links. lol
  13. hehe yeah. I forgot the little nitty-gritty details but I did hers for her with her while I was beside her. I explained the questions. Hell. I even laughed at them because I don't even remember my secret clearance being this vigorous when I was in Iraq. rofl. She would ask me what it would be about. I would take my time explaining it. It timed out and we would have to load it back up and do it over again. Took us like an entire 24 hours. I hate the timeout on that form so bad I wanted to raid a village. roflmao
  14. I would assume you could. I filled out my gals DS 160 when I was visiting her. We just never submitted it but saved it to the desktop so when it comes time for her to submit then I can just upload it and recheck it and then she can sign on, recheck and then hit submit from her end.
  15. I have a group chat with only us dealing with Vietnam. We can answer all your questions there man. I will add yeah to it so keep an eye out for a private message for a group chat. There is 5(?) of us in there and we are all around the same stage. One guy is actually waiting on their Interview Date so they can do their Medical, and me and another (or the others) are all waiting for the Embassy or Consulate to receive our packets. Also, have you done your timeline yet?