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  1. Although they give you a time for the appointment, both the medical and the interview are on a first come first serve basis!
  2. The scariest one was from a lady who asked me if they kept my phone and usb as well at the Embassy entrance. I said "yes, of course. They keep all electronics before entering the consulate". Well, she had EVERYTHING on her hard drive at the entrance stall, except for her passport and the original documents that she retrieved in Italy (casellario, carichi pendenti and certificato di nascita) all other documents that had been either scanned or sent through email (pictures, IRS, NOA2, ...) were in digital form. She was mad and offended at the officer. I was petrified. I wondered how that turned out... I was the first one both at Istituto Varelli and the Consulate, so I was free to go before 9am both days!
  3. FOR REALS!!! During my interview there were other 6 K1 applicants and NONE of them ever heard of VisaJourney. When they saw my binder, my notes and printouts from the site they were so shocked! I must admit I overprepared for the interview... but safe is better than sorry! Good luck for your interview!
  4. Yes we did! The Naples Consulate wrote us an email: Attached there was a zip file with several files (none really useful really, since all the information can be found on the Naples Consulate website: https://it.usembassy.gov/it/visti/iv/k1/) the only relevant info was that you don't have to schedule the medical, but that it must take place the day before the interview. You just have to show up at the Istituto Varelli. I hope this is useful!
  5. Thank you so much for your answer @Margo2017777! I just checked and it says READY! I have everything already ready for P3, do you think I should still wait for their email? I am sorry, I am just SO excited!!!
  6. Hello everyone and thank you for all the great content and precious help provided! The ceac.state.gov website says that my case (K1) "is in transit to the Consular Section. Your interview date was provided to you by the National Visa Center." Starting with the fact that no date has been given to me (I just received an email redirecting me to the http://nvc.state.gov/k1 and saying that my package is in transit), I tried to still gather information from the Naples Consulate website. They suggest - on the Instructions for Immigrant Visa Applicants - to gather a series of documents and that, once ready, to go to the Official U.S. VISA information and appointment services and schedule the immigrant visa appointment. I did that and at first they ask: To which I selected the first one (as it's what it says on the CEAC site (Your interview date was provided to you by the National Visa Center), and then registered for an account. Then, they ask for what type of service that you need: If I select the third option (schedule a K visa appointment) they take me to another page, where they ask for case number and DS-160 number (which I have). Should I just go ahead and "Create Applicant" to proceed with the interview scheduling process or will some other piece of information come from the NVC? Or maybe is the Naples consulate that will call/email us alter on? I have read that stating January 2019 they have this new all-online system, from which you are even able to download the P3 Package yourself without waiting for them to send it to you (with all the required information for the interview and the medical exam). I am very doubtful on the next step to take. And slightly terrified to jeopardize our otherwise smooth process so far. Perhaps @Meipudi, since you've just been recently through that, do you have any insights?
  7. After "only" 119 days (waiting for love never seems short!)... We have been approved! I just came home from the dress trial and there it was, on the USCIS new site! I am so excited!!! See you on the next thread!
  8. Hey everyone! Just popping by to say we are on board for the December filers too! We submitted the package through UPS on December 26th and it told us that it has been delivered on January 2nd. Still waiting for the NOA1, but reading that most of you are getting text messages now gives me hope and tames my anxiety thinking I did something wrong... Fingers crossed and good luck to everyone!! 🤩
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