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  1. My husband had his interview on the 22nd of October. At the interview they told him everything was fine but a small issue that we didn’t have the original marriage and birth certificate. However, they kept his passport and gave him the 221g form to submit those papers on ceac again and in the original forms. He submitted those on the 24th of October and emailed them. It’s been two weeks and the case was last updated on the 30th of October and is still in administrative processing. Anyone have any idea as to how long it may take for them to issue the visa?
  2. Hi Any Update Please? have you got IL ?

  3. By the grace of god, hubs and i received an interview date yesterday. PD is July 20th. CC is May 14th. Interview date is October 22nd at Dhaka Embassy in Bangladesh.
  4. Mahfuz

    I did received today for october24

    1. sonet


      when did your case completed? my case completed on may 25th, still no interview date from embassy....

  5. My case was documentarily qualified on May 14th, 2019. I heard someone from May 10th got an interview date for next month.
  6. Still nothing for Bangladesh. 😔 Congratulations to everyone that’s received an IL! So happy for you guys!
  7. At NVC After the interview date has been received, they said it shows transferred, and when the consulate received it, it shows ready.
  8. My CC is May 14th. Today marks two months and one day of it being documentarily qualified.
  9. I called the NVC and one thing they said was that they are still scheduling visa interview dates for August In bangladesh.
  10. Does anyone know how long it’s taking to receive an interview date in Bangladesh now? My CC is on May 14th and I still haven’t received an interview date.
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