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  1. Hello all, @Stillwinning!!!๐Ÿ˜Š @sandraj I need a recommendation for a tested and very good psychologist in California. Preferably around Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Fontana, Redlands or near cities to the one mentioned. Thank you for recommendation in advance.
  2. Yes o. Thanks for your encouragement all the time.
  3. Thanks to all the beautiful minds that responded to my outcry on the delay of my EAD renewal. Early hours of today October 5, the status changed to new card is being produced. I have not even contacted the Congress man. Sure God answers prayers. I can now continue working with peace of mind. The renewal has been pending since February. On October 4, 2019, we ordered your new card for Receipt Number MSCXXXXX and will mail it to the address you gave us.
  4. Hello @Sandanj, I need your advise. My EAD is pending renewal since Feb 15, when fingerprinting review was completed. I informed my attorney that my renewal application was sent to NBC instead of Vermont, reason for the delay. This is October. I just got off phone with him now after several text and e-mail amd he insist that the delay was deliberate by the present administration, that he had sent follow up online and that all he could do. I told him that the application was sent to wrong address NBC instead of Vermont, he said even at that they will send it to Veromnt and he doesn't have to send letter to that effect. I am going crazy right now. I need the EAD to stay on at work. Kindly advise me on what i can do. Should i contact the congressman for help? Can they help in this situation? Since my attorney see no reason to follow up with a letter to Vermont to move it from NBC. Since February. Please advise!!!
  5. That is the problem i am having with my attorney. Since February i am still waiting for my EAD renewal. So sad. I may end up fireing my attorney if he didn't do the needful by sending letter to Vermont with copies of my EAD renewal. For speeding renewal. Does anyone has other ways of going about this?
  6. Hello Family, @Sandanj @ @Stillwinning and others: I urgently need help. I went to defend my self with the help of a pro bono preparing my court documents last year when there was eviction noticed served on me and my abuser. However, i was long kicked out of the apartment by my abuser before the eviction noticed came. So in the strength of my case with evidence of rent paid. The court judgement says I was not liable for the rent and fees owe and that they will pursue it with my abuser. The property attorney and the manager of the property were there at the court. To my greatest surprise and distress I received a mail from a collection agency yesterday. About the outstanding of about $4000. They were actually threatening me. It was too bad. Same today few hours ago. I believe I have a good case based on the strenght of the court judgement. But they insist I was still on the lease. I need an attorney to help me on this. I dont have money. An attorney, a pro bono that can help on this kind of situation. I am based in California, Fonatan city to be specific. Any advise on how to go about this appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Hello Family I am bothered about my EAD renewal. Submitted in February, finger print review completed as of February 25th. Since then no update. Raised SR about a month ago. Expext response on the 22nd of this month. No response came. It has passed processing time. What else can I do? 180 extension expires November ending. My attorney seems not to be bothered, keep telling me processing are delays this days. What can I do?
  8. Hello @Sandanj @Stillwinning and others Kindly advise at what point can one file Form I-824 Follow to Join. Is it when one receive VAWA approval letter or when the green card is issued? Thank you
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