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  1. Stillwinnng, kindly check your private message. Thanks
  2. Good morning family, does anyone have any idea of effective location where I can get Nigeria Identification Number (NIN ) done in the US? This is like SSN, and it is needed for any financial transaction in Nigeria. Even you worked back there and have pension you want to collect you must have NIN. Most of the location listed on their website are not effective. Any advise will be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Congratulations beloved. I am happy for you. Keep me in your prayers,this is my 18th month of applying. RFE received February last year. Second prima facie just arrived.
  4. Hello House, Advise needed, my one year Prima Facie expires on the 4th of March, I am yet to receive a renewal from Vermont. My Attorney says we should wait. I am using it to get financial aid for my education. Without it , my next Aid will not be released by March ending. What can I do? Kindly advise. Thanks all.
  5. @Stillwinning!!!😊 really? There are September 2018 approval? I applied September 2018. I know my case is very close this is the 17th month. I had one year prima face that will expire by March 4. Except initial RFE that we sent the response last February no other update yet. The only thing that was not included then was my therapy session, but it contain my evaluation report and hospital report. Eagerly waiting.
  6. @Blackgloves: the question is how did you resolved yours. Because documentation for previous divorce would have still being required for your subsequent processing. I think your insight on how this was resolved will be of help to this person. Since it seems you are from the same country. As you suggested that the case was denied. How did you moved past that obstacle?
  7. The Lord will heal you and keep you safe. You will come out of those procedures stronger. It is well with you in Jesus name. Amen
  8. Hello family, Happy Thanksgiving. How many sessions of therapy is it advisable to attend in the minimum.
  9. Hello all, My 1year Prima Facie expires early March 2020. When is the appropriate time to apply for renewal? I don't want to take chances with automatic renewal because my college financial aid for Spring 2020 is on hold. Can I renew by myself or my attorney has to do it? And what should be submit for renewal? Thanks all for advise.
  10. It's always stressful when EAD is sent to NBC instead of Vermont. It's a waiting game. I waited from February to October and I have my EAD renewal now. I did not file my advance parole with it, I just file that to Vermont in September. I and Behold when I got my EAD this October Advance Parole was added. Faithful God. So be patient we will all get there.
  11. @sandranj;@stillwinning and others, kindly advise, my college Health Center provides therapy sessions by a certified psychologist at no cost. I submitted my evaluation a few months back, but I don't have money for therapy. Do you think having the therapy sessions done through the college clinic will be okay? Or I have to look for a professional outside the college environment. The session is every two weeks. I will appreciate all perspectives on this. Thank you all.
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