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  1. So, been around a month since NOA2 today. Still no word from the NVC or London Embassy? Going to try calling the NVC again today, since last week the said they had not received anything yet. I assume this is still considered a normal amount of time to wait on the NVC?
  2. Has anyone managed to ask the NVC for their embassy case number via email instead of over the phone? It would make life easier haha
  3. Thank you! Nope, no update on either website still.
  4. Checked informed delivery today and there was NOA2! APPROVAL BABY! WOOOOO (I think, looks NOA2 to me but there's always that anxiety it isn't until we can actually see the words APPROVED )
  5. Yep, that's the "new" website. It's the one you login to.
  6. My fiancee checks it all the time. Nothing yet Hoping for something on informed delivery this week.
  7. Pleeaseeee USCIS make this be the NOA2 week I should be first on the pile dang it! October 1st NOA1
  8. Ignore those. Letter is what matters. App just uses the old site too.
  9. Yep, a dated letter that says 1 of 1 is almost always an approval.
  10. You could get it in the mail. But I'm not sure about electronic notification on weekends, not sure if they're open.
  11. You're tellin me! I'm the 1st! Getting jealous now hehehe
  12. Oh, also the cases are in numerical order, so you can search around in the cases to see which are being worked on and which aren't approved yet by changing your case number.
  13. You're welcome! Yeah just put in your case number and select how many applications to look up, you can then sort by I-129Fs You're welcome! I already have, notification was about an hour and a half ago, no change. But I'm sure something happened.
  14. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.saldous.usciscasetracker&hl=en - This is what I use. Sends a notification if anything changes and also checks up to 500 applications that are behind you.
  15. Just damn hear had a heart attack, case tracker app sent me a notification about our case but nothing had changed! This happened to anyone else?