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  1. We had an electronic copy, but the co-sponsors tax info wasn't backed up at her request. (Doesn't trust the security of our PC etc etc) We'll collect all of her tax info again + IRS Transcript. Hopefully USCIS will accept it haha.
  2. No we didn't. We didn't want to damage or deface them in case it invalidates them. We put them in their own plastic envelope with a label attached saying what they were, but we didn't write any of that.
  3. Hey all, So the wife and I got a bit of a shock in the mail a few days ago. We received an RFE for our I-485 because we supposedly didn't send in tax returns, however this is confusing because we did send in tax returns. The exact wording on the RFE is "The petitioning sponsor on Form I-864, Affidavit of Support, must submit a complete Federal income tax return submitted to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for the most recent tax year" Did USCIS just lose my wifes tax return? We know for a fact that we sent in the past three years of 1040s W-2s and 8615s. Is it possible they're asking for my mother-in-laws tax returns? She is a joint sponsor (using form I-864a) and we can't remember exactly what we gave USCIS for her. We're planning on sending all the tax documents we can gather (1040s, W-2s and 8615s along with an IRS Tax Transcript) just to make sure we cover all our bases and don't miss anything. Is there something we're missing? Has anyone else here dealt with a similar issue? Any help/advice would be seriously appreciated. It's also note worthy that on her (wife) tax info she doesn't qualify to be the sole sponsor, however she since got a new job 7+ months ago and is earning more than enough to be the sole sponsor. We gave in pay stubs and letters from her employer to confirm this.
  4. This is a great guide. Reminded me of a lot of important things that I still need to get done before I leave in a month. Thanks!
  5. Glad I could be of help! I've flown with them twice before, both were easy experiences. Hope it all goes well for you!
  6. Not Heathrow, but Gatwick. But I mean, why stress about where the airport is if you can save yourself the worry with potential AOS issues? Plus it's the cheapest by far! Flight, meal and one checked bag is £299.90 on the third of June for example.
  7. Why not just fly direct one-way with Norwegian? The flights are less than 300 pounds. It's who I'll be flying with when I move in June.
  8. Visa just arrived! We're both on top of the world right now!! Couldn't have done it without this amazing community of support here. See you guys in SSN/Adjustment of Status threads!
  9. FYI to UK people that had their Visa's issued last week like me. If you didn't get a tracking number, contact DX via their online chat https://www.dxdelivery.com/contact/ - I had no idea my visa was due to arrive tomorrow until I asked if they had it! Gave me the tracking number that I was supposed to receive.
  10. I know! It's insane, I wasn't expecting anything until mid next week! I'm sure yours will update soon Keep an eye out!
  11. Checked with my AA number and... ISSUED ALREADY!! Damn that was fast. Only a day!
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