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  1. Good Morning, I did my interview in February 2020 but was place on AP for missing W2. Weeks after, my online status changed to ready, April 7th to be exact. My medical will expire in July 2020, since I've heard it's valid for 6 months. I would hate to have to pay for another medical if it expires before I get the visa in hand, because it cost nearly $60000JA for me and my daughter. I know the US Embassy in Jamaica is not yet back to regular routines and they are not sure of a specific date that they will but If anyone is in the same situation please share. I appreciate any updates/information. Let's keep each other posted.
  2. A confirmation letter would be what you would have gotten if it was a k1 or fiancé visa Category. Mine was F2b so what I had was the interview letter. Therefore if your not in K1 or fiancé visa category then you don’t have/need a confirmation.
  3. Mine has been in AP since my interview and even up to this morning but I checked few minutes ago and saw refused, quite a few members on here are having the same issue, not sure of the reason but I’m just hoping it’s a system glitch or something other than a denial.
  4. Mine too, it went from admin processing to refused after I had sent an email inquiring if the documents sent on the 11th of February was received. I’m worried
  5. Ok, u will soon get your appointment letter. We had sent documents on the 2nd of December 2019, then on January 1st, we got email to say that all documents were received and by the 6th of January we got the appointment letter for interview, that same day I went online Andrews medical So they could set an appointment before my interview.
  6. Girl, I’m hoping too. We are still in AP so I’m just waiting and hoping for that final acceptance.
  7. Hi Gina, I took my immunization card with me and I had gotten the MMR vaccine as a child. There was no hepatitis b on my record but I did not get it at Andrews either.
  8. Hi GinaCarterWebster, thank u. I was told buy a doctor at my public clinic before my appointment that the major ones they usually do are the varicella vaccine (chicken pox) and hepatitis b. However, I got varicella, Tdap and flu shot as the doctor said it was flu season and my daughter got the varicella and flu shot. The flu shot cost $2800 and the chicken pox shot cost $5,597.20JA per applicant. The Boostrix (Tdap) cost $4500JA.
  9. Hi again Makeda, just saw your post for January 27, 2017 where u confirm that your husband’s visa was approved, thanks for your info, I’ll just relax my mind and wait out at least 60 days and see what happens next. Thanks again.
  10. Hi Makeda, I’m currently in the same position that your husband was in but I was only asked to submit my sponsor (mother) W2 or tax transcript, which we did the following day after my interview which was on February 4th, 2020. When I checked online CEAC, it shows last updated Feb 5th, 2020 but still under administrative processing. I want to know, how long did it take for your husband process to be complete and for him to receive his visa? it’s very nerve racking not knowing a specific time frame for AP. Thanks in advance
  11. Hi Rodo, were u given a specific time frame after getting your visa of how long u are able to stay in the island before leaving for the US?
  12. Hi fatima7045. We submittted documents such as AOS, tax papers, police record etc on the 2nd of December 2019, we received a response from NVC on the 1st of January 2020 that all documents were received and reviewed. We then got another response stating our interview date and time on the 6th of January 2020 after which I went online Andrews Memorial site to set up my appointment. I felt the same way during the process, “stressed”, but it’s actually not that bad. I did my interview today and our visa will be issued soon.
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