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  1. Thank you! He gave a letter stated your case is being held for review. According to him it’s a way of formality. But he wrote Approved in the sticky note and put it outside the folder (those are my forms and supporting documents sent from USCIS).
  2. Hello there! Just sharing my GC process experience. I’m a January 29, 2019 filer from Pittsburgh, PA. NOA1: Feb 05 Bio Sched: Feb 26 Mar 27: status changed to “We are ready to schedule your form I-485” May 20: status changed to “We scheduled an interview for your form I-485” (after 7 days from the date, I received a notice letter for the instructions and interview date) June 27: Date of Interview My interview went great. It took us 30 mins inside the interview room and about 15-20 mins waiting time outside before my name was called. My interview was like 15 mins serious questions about us and what was written in the form I-485 and the rest of the time was chitchatting with the officer, since the interviewer has filipino bloodline and I am from the Philippines, so we talked a lot. Lol! Then couple of hours later my status change to “New card is being produced” I hope this could help others out there. Btw, for my EAD and AP there was no change of status until now. It was “Case was Received” forever 🤣 Anyways, If I receive the GC on hand, I wont mind and wait for the EAD and AP anymore
  3. Been there, done that. After two months of waiting i came back for my immunizations and i did my interview after two days. (e.g. i did my immunizations on the 25th then on the 27th was my interview. Hope this would help you 😊
  4. Just received it today. It took just 12days. Thank you as always 😊
  5. Hello po! Question po, how long does it take for them to process your report of marriage? Or how many days after you received the marriage cert from them? I’m under NY jurisdiction too and waiting for answers from them for almost 2 weeks now. Thank you 😊
  6. Thank you! I did not include any passport pictures cuz i didnt stated under NY jurisdiction and besides, as of now i dont have pictures too, i sent them all during AOS filing 😂 anyways, thank you 😊 Thank you 😊
  7. Thank you hunk! I just did that, the usps did all the thing for the return. Thanks as always
  8. Hello there. The add’l $6 to mail back your documents is fix flat rate for all philippine consulate? I am under NY jurisdiction. I don’t know how much i will add for the return envelope. They did not included any addt’l fee under requirements on their website. thank you!
  9. Below are the requirments for ROM under New York jurisdiction 1.Report of Marriage Form (duly accomplished and to be signed by both husband and wife before a Consular Officer). The Wife should indicate her maiden surname as her last name. If submitting the application by mail, the forms must already be signed by both husband and wife and must be duly notarized. 2.Marriage Contract or Certificate, bearing information on the number of marriages contracted by both parties. If the number of marriages does not appear on the marriage contract/certificate, please submit Marriage Record/License 3.Valid passports or IDs of husband and wife. 4.Proof of Filipino Citizenship of applicant/s, at the time of marriage, such as: -US Naturalization Certificate -Permanent Resident Card, valid visa, work permit -Dual Citizenshi Papers (Identification Certificate and Approval Order) 5.Notarized Affidavit of Delayed of Registration, if application is filed more than 1 year after marriage 6.Additional Requirements when one or both parties have previous marriages: a.Death Certificate of the deceased spouse/s, if widow or widower. b.Annotated marriage certificate indicating that the marriage was annulled; Judicial Decree of Annulment; and Certificate of Finality of Annulment, if previous marriage/s were annulled. c.Foreign divorce decree, if foreign spouse was previously married to another foreigner. d.Foreign divorce decree duly recognized by the Philippine Court*, if the Filipino citizen was previously married to a foreigner and a divorce was thereafter validly obtained abroad by the alien spouse. Original or certified true copies of the above documents must be presented. Please submit documents in four (4) sets, arranged in the following order/sequence: First Set – Original Report of Marriage (ROM) application and certified true copyof documents. Second Set – Original ROM application and copy of documents. Third Set – same as second set. Fourth Set - same as second set. Fifth Set - same as second set. (If applying for a Philippine passport after the Civil Registry application) 7.Processing fee of $25.00 (non-refundable), payable in cash or money order made payable to the "Philippine Consulate General". Personal checks and credit cards are not accepted. 8.If submitting the application by mail, include the following in the packet: a.Self-addressed prepaid stamped envelope, preferably Priority Mail, with tracking number. The Philippine Consulate General assumes no responsibility for any delay or loss in the mail, or while the documents are in the custody of the courier service. The applicant should note the tracking numbers of all envelopes used and submitted. b.Covering letter (handwritten or typed), addressed to the Philippine Consulate General’s Civil Registry Unit, indicating service/transaction requested and the applicants’ contact details such as telephone/mobile number and email address. The Consular Officer reserves the right to require additional proof or documents from an applicant, to prove his/her citizenship or identity pursuant to the Philippine Passport Law (R.A. 8239) and the Foreign Service Act. (R.A. 7157) My questions are, are these only the documents i should sent them? There is no BC included or what. I don’t know how many photocopies i should prepare and submit if by Mail. I’m sure above requirements are for personal appearance. And the Fifth set mentioned if i am applying for passport. I will renew my passport at Washing ton DC. So i guess, i dont need this anymore? Thank you
  10. Thank you so much! Sorry, another questions, If I’m going to send the ROM thru mail, what original documents i should sent them? Just the notarized original ROM application and Marriage Cert/Marriage Rec? How about the passport, divorce decree, ID’s etc? Just sent them photocopies of these? Thank you again! Thank you again po 😊
  11. Ah okay. We just got married at JP by a district Judge. We just did our application at the county to apply for marriage license. After 3 days we got our licence and got married in 3 weeks. Then that was it. We received our MC after 3 days thru mail from the county where we apply for our licence. So i do not know where will i get the marriage record. Thank you so much!
  12. You mean the application we applied to get a marriage license? We did an application to have a marriage licence to get married.
  13. Thank you so much!as alwasy Hunk
  14. What about for Passport renewal? Just the same? Thank you!
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