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  1. Thank you! He gave a letter stated your case is being held for review. According to him it’s a way of formality. But he wrote Approved in the sticky note and put it outside the folder (those are my forms and supporting documents sent from USCIS).
  2. Hello there! Just sharing my GC process experience. I’m a January 29, 2019 filer from Pittsburgh, PA. NOA1: Feb 05 Bio Sched: Feb 26 Mar 27: status changed to “We are ready to schedule your form I-485” May 20: status changed to “We scheduled an interview for your form I-485” (after 7 days from the date, I received a notice letter for the instructions and interview date) June 27: Date of Interview My interview went great. It took us 30 mins inside the interview room and about 15-20 mins waiting time outside before my name was called. My interview was like 15 mins serious questions about us and what was written in the form I-485 and the rest of the time was chitchatting with the officer, since the interviewer has filipino bloodline and I am from the Philippines, so we talked a lot. Lol! Then couple of hours later my status change to “New card is being produced” I hope this could help others out there. Btw, for my EAD and AP there was no change of status until now. It was “Case was Received” forever 🤣 Anyways, If I receive the GC on hand, I wont mind and wait for the EAD and AP anymore
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