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  1. OMG--- Allah Kareem. Have you got DS5535 and if yes then after how much time of interview you got DS5535?
  2. ohhh--and is it possible if my Father in Law will be my sponsor and attach an Affidavit of support from him instead of my wife's AOS?
  3. @Ahmed&Freda @paki-guy any thoughts? Thanks
  4. Exactly this is also my concern as I read some posts that those who got DS535 and then the embassy called them for the 2nd interview. So, I think they might be asking for the sponsor again. Has anyone been through this situation?
  5. Hi VJ members, I got interviewed on January 17th, 2019 the officer told us that I will be getting my passport in a month but we didn't hear anything back as it's been almost 2 months. They are radio silent with only 3 updates on my case (1 is due to the fact that I sent an inqury but they haven't replied yet). Now, I am calling my wife to Pakistan soon and she will be living here until we will be moving together. I want to know once she will come to Pakistan, and if the process will take forever then after how much time the embassy will be needing her W2 and taxes information. As there will be no tax history once she will quit her job and come to Pakistan. My Father-in-Law will be sponsoring us then. So, is it a wise decision. Also, are there any other factors that we should consider besides sponsor?
  6. Sciencedaan

    Help Required---Case Update

    @Ahmed&Freda the embassy will reply through email or they will not reply as I didn't hear anything back yet expect the update in the case date. Thanks
  7. Sciencedaan

    Help Required---Case Update

    @Ahmed&Freda So, I just checked and my case got updated, last it was on Jan 31st. The status is still in AP. Its the 3rd time my case got updated. So, are there any chances. Your expert opinion is highly appreciated Thanks
  8. Sciencedaan

    Help Required---Case Update

    Thank you --I generated a ticket through this website. I am hopeful that they will reply to me. The problem was that we can only write 140 words in the message.
  9. I got interviewed in Islamabad Embassy on Jan 17th, 2019 (Immigrant Visa---CR1) and the CO said you will get your passport in 1 month time and gave me white paper 221(g) and didn't ask me to submit anything and to just keep that form with me. In the meanwhile, my case got updated twice and last was on Jan 31st. So, I emailed the embassy on March 6th at support@ustraveldocs.com to inquire about my status as its been 1.5 months and after 20 minutes I got this reply: Thank you for writing to the U.S. Visa Service Desk. For us to further assist you, Kindly confirm if you received a 221-G letter and please provide us with the following details below: Date of Birth: Visa Type: Visa Class: Interview Date: Last date of Submission of Additional Document: For further information you may refer to the link below. I replied to them with the details and telling them that no additional documents were required. After 30 minutes they send me this: Origin: Email Case Reason: Case Update Islamabad Embassy Public Response: Dear Applicant, Thank you for writing US Visa Service Desk. Please be informed that your visa application is under processing at the Embassy/Consulate. Most administrative processing is resolved within 60 days of your visa interview or the submission of supplemental documents, whichever is later. When additional administrative processing is required, the length of processing time will vary based on the circumstances of each case. Please be assured that once the processing is completed or if the Embassy needs further information, you will be intimated about the same. Alternatively, please follow the link: https://ceac.state.gov/CEAC/ to check the status of your case, by selecting “Check my Visa Application Status” under “Non-Immigrant"" or ""Immigrant"". Please visit https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/gss_pakistan to share feedback on the services we provide. Sincerely, US Visa Service Desk. Now I am confused about what to do like my case didn't update after inquiring from them as I saw most of the people here have written that after they emailed, their case got updated. Also, the email address is correct or there is any other email id? I really appreciate your help. Thanks
  10. Same story. I had an interview on Jan 17th (spouse visa) and CO told me that you will get a visa in 1 month. It's been 1.5 months and I got nothing except 2 updates and the last update was on 27th Jan. Also, I emailed them yesterday but heard nothing yet. Just stay hopeful and wait
  11. So, my case got update today again for the 2nd time after 1 week and it still says AP. Any idea what's happening? Thanks
  12. I had an interview on January 17th and got the same form with a tick mark on 221(g). The CO told me that you will get your passport in 1 month time. My case got updated on January 23rd and Still waiting. If the CO said that your visa is approved then she should not have given you this form.
  13. @LAMISThank you for writing. I think the cases in Pakistan are totally different from Tunisia. Here we cannot go directly to the embassy and I don't think the people here are cooperative or they will tell me anything, They will just say that write an email or check your status online. Pakistani's what do you think can we go to the embassy and inquire like this??
  14. Allah Kareem--InshAllah. Also, my case got updated yesterday for the first time but the status remained the same i-e AP. the previous date was 18th Jan and now its 23rd Jan. IA May it will get issued before 31st