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  1. I filed our I-130 September 20, 2020. It has now been 214 since we received our receipt. Has anyone had any updates regarding their petition?
  2. Hello, we have only filed the application.  So I am unable to help.  Sorry.  It has been 212 days since we filed.😥

  3. That made it more clear. So, let me clarify. I will list myself as my husbands spouse. But list his minor children, although they are not immigrating? Correct?
  4. Good morning, Can someone please tell me if the question below is asking for. Do I list myself and my son (who is 29) in this section on the I-130? Please see pic below. I am the US petitioner and my husband is the Ghanaian beneficiary. So, I am thinking they are asking for my information in this section. This should not be so confusing, LOL. Thanks
  5. Ok, so that the confusion is cleared I uploaded a snippet of the last page on the I-130. I am the American, petitioning for my Ghanaian husband. This last page below confused me and I was wondering if its OK to submit without this information.
  6. Thanks Pushbrk. So, will i get a RFE if I dont include the census, birth and religious records they ask for at the end of the form?
  7. OK, my name is Erika. I think Boss is reserved for men in Ghana, LOL!. Post your question in the Ghana portal and im sure someone will answer. For our petition I used 1 affidavit from our Pastor that performed the traditional and court wedding.
  8. Good morning, Thanks for all your answers. Oh yes, I have lots of evidence. Marriage certificate, registrars certificate, marriage invoices, flight receipts, visa stamps at entry points for multiple trips even the flight postponed for May 2020 due to COVID-19. Co-mingling of finances, pics of text messages on our UAB bank account, a letter from the bank with both our names on it and direct deposits, receipts for purchased for supplies on our home, lots of pics with family and friends. I was going to include a print out of our chat log beginning July 2015 to present. However, its a LENGTHY LOG and includes very private messages. Additionally, it would be a large file to send. Any thoughts? I will research and example of an Evolution of Relationship. Thanks for the suggestion. I was mainly concerned about that last page in the form. I was going to order my census record, but that is another $65.00. I just hate to waste money on information I don't feel is necessary. It would seem that my original attached birth certificate would be enough. The instructions say that if none of these items are available include a letter that says why. Did anyone include that letter?
  9. Hi! I am completing the form I-130 for my Ghanaian spouse. Did anyone send in the Religious, school and census records that are requested on the last page? Or did you merely complete an affidavit?
  10. Oh Lord....I didnt know he will need the original. Facepalm...uuugghh! Hopefully by the time we have ours I will be there.
  11. I have our original marriage certificate and registrar's certificate here in the US with me as well. Why are you sending the certificates back to your spouse?
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