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  1. Hi Gelda... The letter didn't state anything and I called them and they say that it could be mistake or something. She (the immigration officer i spoke to on the phone) send an inquiry to the office whose processing my case to get back to with any clarification that they could
  2. Good morning guys I just wanted to ask if anyone have any idea, can uscis denied a i 130 after it has been approved? Because I received an approval letter for my i 130 from them and one day later another letter stating that they have reopen my case. But both letters dated the same day except I got the approval first then the reopening letter. I'm very confused right now, I tried calling them I have to wait 259 mins for them to call me back I'm really anxious cause I don't know what is happening
  3. Ok thank you very much..... i just pray that they work on my case sooner than later.....
  4. I already filled, almost 6 months gone now I'm still waiting for my approval letter. Please kindly do elaborate a little bit more for me please, how do you mean state side?
  5. I am truly worried right about now... i just read on the uscis website that they're closing down the port au prince immigration office permanently on December 20th, any on here knows anyone that works within the immigration that could belp us feel at ease as far as what are they planning to do with those of us still being processing
  6. It might be your interview later they sent you or another 221g form requesting for an additional info
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