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  1. This was very rude . I dont think this statement was appropriate. He came asking for advice not to be judged.
  2. Does that mean all the spouse visa interviews are backlogged 1 year as of today?
  3. Quick question: Is it an requirement to legalize acte de marriage at central de jistis in port au prince?
  4. I just got my notification for approval on the website and case tracker! PD MARCH 29,2019. Thank you God!!! So grateful! Next step NVC
  5. So regardless i would have been assigned with the same center as the I-130
  6. I called them two days ago and had no information for me. Then 10 mins later, received an text saying they received my I-29f and with texas center. I wonder if they just assign you where you are with the I-30
  7. I sent mine on june 4th! I havent received an noa1 yet for the 129f. But congrats! I pray that it speeds up the processing times for us all🙏🏾
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