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  1. Hi guys, happy NY! So my fiancée is out of town and signed for USPS delivery option and he got the picture of an envelope from the consulate on the 21 (which I think is packet 3) and another one on the 28th. he won’t be back until next week, so we are wondering what those letters can be? We already have an interview date so not sure if we are suppused to get mail from them after that. Thank you!!
  2. May 18th. I’m aware of that, I just don’t want to add more anxiety to the process by having an estimated approval date.
  3. I had my daily crisis this morning so I’m fine now 😂 hope this week we can hear from them!
  4. Eh, @theafons was just asking a question. Why you have to be so rude in most of your posts? Again, people come to this forum to find info and answers, if you don’t like their questions just ignore them, is not that hard.
  5. OMG congrats!!! I have same dates as you, hopefully mine will come soon! 🙏🏻
  6. Congratulations!! Reading this kind of experiences makes my anxiety level go down! Happy life to both of you!❤️
  7. Wow that’s a lot of time, I was hoping to be there by February 😓
  8. Congrats!! For what I've been reading, after approval you need to wait around two weeks so NVC can give you a case number and after that you can set an appoinment. I might be wrong but maybe @ThisCharmingMan21 @AndyAspen or even @BJ & Christine can help?
  9. I noticed that too. Probably some users are not updating their timelines?
  10. Ugh, I was hoping it would take less time. Thank you and goodluck on your interview!
  11. Hi everybody! I've been trying to find how long is taking to Schedule appoinment in the consulate for K1 visas but, by far, I only found that is taking up to 3 months for CR1. Does someone currently on K1process knows? Thank you in advance
  12. AR&JG

    Baby shower

    OMG why people has to be so rude and harsh? People come here in look for advice and answers to some of their questions, no for people to judge them because they want their mom in this important time of their life. Maybe they cant afford profesional help @JFH,, and congrats @Sunnyland to be able to handle two surgeries with no support, @debbiedoo two kids and no help good for you and your husband. But guess what? Not everybody is like you. And @Roel just because you've been Reading stuff from people for years that doesnt give you the right to make fun of the ones we don't know that much. I've been a silent lurker in this forum for a long time, but seriously guys someone has to tell something about your attitude. So advice not asked, look at yourself and pour a Little of humble into you. You are only making people afraid to ask questions (THATS THE FORUM FOR) because of the backlash. Or do I have to remember that not too long ago we were on the same position than this people asking this kind of questions? And @Nazokat make sure your mom brings proof to the interview that she'll go back home (properties bank account), purpose of travel? her daughter will have a baby and she wants to meet the baby. That simple and she should be fine. Wish you the best and I hope she can be with you when your baby is born, please keep us updated.
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