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  1. Thank you. Our medical reports were about to expire so the embassy called us to find out if we'll be able travel before the expiration date. We said yes and they instructed us to pick up our visas and packets at the embassy.
  2. Finally, we've received our visas and packets. May God almighty be praised! Thank you all for the support and sharing your experiences here on VJ. We wish everyone yet to be approved the best of luck🙏 God bless
  3. Hi, DS-260s do expire so just check if all the information you provided previously are still intact. If there is nothing to change on the form (like address and phone number) then you just resubmit it.
  4. Your petitioner is the one to contact his or her Senator/Congressman in the US
  5. Thank you. Everything will be fine with your application. Just as God did it for us, He'll do it for you guys. You need a lot of patience when you're in AP. Your Senator or congressman can do follow-up for you.
  6. CO requested for a letter from our joint sponsor explaining why she will sponsor the family (interview - July2018) *We submitted the letter together with our passports (2 weeks after interview) *Long wait (over 6 months) *Passport returned (DHL) *Embassy requested for new medical reports and police clearance (submitted together with passports few weeks later) *Another waiting period *Senator contacted Embassy *Embassy called and instructed us to book a 221G follow-up appointment for fingerprint scan and re-oath *Passports returned (DHL) *221G appointment booked (took a couple of weeks to get a date) *221G follow-up interview day -consular section requested for DS-260s to be resubmitted (gave us only 30 minutes to do so) -submitted DS-260s confirmation pages -took the oath and scanned our finger -got our passport photos captured -returned to CO and he said congratulations your visas have been approved - Gave us the white slip for collection *Now waiting for pick-up alert It's been a journey full of waiting, suspense, anxiety, doubt & hope...Through it all God remained faithful We'll give God all the glory
  7. Finally we got approved (F3/family of 5) after almost a year in AP (221G) 11/07/19 We give God all the glory. Will share our journey at a later date. Thank you all for the experiences you share here on VJ. They helped a lot.
  8. Hi, Have you received your package and passport?
  9. No, she doesn't need an appointment to request for her passport. There is a help desk at the visa section entrance, she should just go there and explain her situation to them. They'll be of help to her. She can ask them all the questions you seek answers for. You can not do the medicals without your passport.
  10. Please ask your wife to request for the passports from the embassy cos' they'll need it for the medicals. She should go to the embassy in person to request for them at the info desk. They'll give them to her. She should ask them if she can return the passports together with the medicals.
  11. Hi Pompey, You have to fill out a DS 260 form for baby on the ustraveldocs website, pay baby's visa fee, new medicals for your wife and first medicals for baby, they should summit medicals through DHL and book a follow-up 221G appointment on the ustraveldocs website for the fingerprint (check to see if there are openings right now and book an appointment fast because it takes time to get a date). Make sure you guys get everything right to avoid delays. Good luck
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