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  1. Well its totally on embassy now, you can just pray for good days to come soon.
  2. No I didn't upload any wedding photos on CEAC, during filed DS260. I only sent some wedding photos along with form I-130 at the beginning of our process. No bank statement needed, just tax transcripts and W-2s I submitted and I bring "pay stubs" for last 6 months which is extra stuff.
  3. My case was DQ in October 2019, NVC sent my approved application to Embassy in February and sent me an e-mail for scheduled visa interview on 9th March and my interview was on 2nd april, but it was cancelled due to COVID-19. So, if everything goes well than you expect atleast 3 months from now to get your visa appointment. Its my prediction. I hope your case will complete soon.
  4. my upload tax transcript and W-2 on NVC was also for 2018, but I bring 2019 tax transcript and W-2 for visa interview. They didn't ask me about the latest transcript. Some people advise to upload the latest tax transcript some are not after your case approved at NVC. I am not an expert i am just giving you advise based on my personal experience. In my case i didn't upload the latest transcript, I just bring it with me on the day of interview. It is very important to bring all your latest financial documents to your interview.
  5. Embassy will send your passport and all other original docs through AEG courier. But you must register your details with UStraveldocs.com/pk to retrieve your docs, also AEG will send you confirmation email when your passport is ready for pick up or delivery. Home delivery charges is Rs.700 anywhere in Pakistan. All other details are mentioned on UStaveldocs website.
  6. Yes you can register your passport delivery details before your interview. Register before interview is better and safe, so you don't forget to enter details for passport recovery. I did register my passport recovery services in March before my first scheduled interview and after interviewed on 15th September i update this page again, because I was thought it may be expired.
  7. Interview was very short. Questions they asked were: ▪︎How do you met? ▪︎How long you live in UK and what u do there? ▪︎Tell me about your wife? ▪︎Is this your first marriage? ▪︎How many people attend your marriage ceremony? ▪︎Marriage venue and place? ▪︎Do you have any child together? ▪︎Show me your wedding pictures? VO type each and every word of mine on her computer. Yes i do register for passport services right after my interview on "ustraveldocs".
  8. I am the beneficiary (male), my wife sponsored me.
  9. I sent my wedding photos (around 10 photos) during filing I-130. On CEAC I upload all of my civil documents (Birth certificate, Marriage certificates, PCC and Passport Biographic page). I bring my wedding photo album,chat and call logs to the interview.
  10. You need to bring all originals at the time of interview which you submitted through CEAC, specially your civil documents, latest tax transcript and w2 for 2019. When you open chat, on right hand side there is a small three vertically doted bar on top right corner tap on it than tap on "more" and then tap on "export chats". For call logs you can simply take screen shots and print them.
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