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  1. Hey all, just an fyi: if your record isn't showing up on the i-94 website, try using the red numbers that are shown on the US visa on the passport in place of the passport # (ours is an 8-digit number which starts with "n"). There were no records found when I first went to find our i-94 so then I called the closest CBP officer who said that sometimes they use the other # instead of the passport for entry.
  2. Yeah, this is a possibility. Our case was in transit on Oct 3rd and ready by the 9th. In between, we were able to submit the DS-160 form, make the visa fee payment and schedule the medical and interview! This may vary from embassy to embassy but see what you can get done in the time being. Good luck!!
  3. Congrats!! I wouldn't worry about that, it said "ready" for us too. Just wait for the notification for when you can pick up the passport. Surprisingly ours was ready within 2 days, for some it could take a little over a week.
  4. My fiance got his passport today with the Visa!!! We were really not expecting it this soon, we were thinking next Wednesday or Thursday since his interview was this past Wednesday. Trying to get tickets asap for him to get here 😁Good luck to everyone else on here, my prayers are with you!
  5. Wooohooo congrats!! I agree, thanks to @Greenbaum and @Lebanese23 for all the help with our process. Hoping to see more good news of approvals here 🙏
  6. LIST OF ACCREDITED PANEL PHYSICIANS.doc Visa Photograph Requirements.doc 2016 Instructions to complete K Applications.doc
  7. I couldn't attach documents in a PM, so here it is. Also add that they need the interview appointment email confirmation.
  8. Thanks!! Yeah we will wait till visa is in his hands, hopefully next week and I know he'll be taking the next flight here haha 😄 Sure I can send it over and add the required docs that were not mentioned. You want it via email or over here?
  9. My fiance gave his interview today at 10am (it was 3am my time so I didn't get any sleep lol) and he was approved!!!!! His appointment came last, so it was about a 2 hour wait. His interview lasted only 10 minutes. The lady officer was very nice, she asked lots of questions but they were easy and he said everything went smoothly. MAKE SURE you reference the checklist given here on the portal for your specific embassy and ask others who have gone through the process. There were some documents that the embassy required which were not listed in the packet we were emailed! For our case, it was a copy of the passport and the email confirmation of the interview which looks like this: Dear Sir: We received your approved fiancé visa case. Please find attached the required documents. This was not mentioned anywhere on the embassy website either. All the best, hope all of you get your visas approved soon!
  10. 12-16-17.......Engaged :luv: 

    02-20-18.......I-129F NO1 

    waiting  :pop::whistle: :clock:

    09-05-18.......I-129F NO2 :dance:

    09-24-18.......NVC Case # Received:dancing:

    10-02-18.......NVC In Transit :rolleyes:

    10-09-18.......NVC Ready :thumbs: 

    10-10-18.......Medical :blink:


  11. Great, thanks! Congrats again, what a relief
  12. Congratulations!! How was the interview overall? Any tough questions? Also, curious what was taken as proof of employment?
  13. Ours is next Wednesday ahhh!! Sending prayers and good luck to everyone on here! 🙏
  14. That's great news! Fill the form out now and gather paperwork for medical and interview. Once case is "ready" you can submit the form, make the visa fee payment, then use those confirmation #s to schedule your medical and interview. Some cases can be ready in just a day or two so I wouldn't wait if I were you!! It did take a little longer for my case to be ready (7 days since the weekend and embassy holiday came in between), but I was able to submit the DS-160 form, make the visa fee payment and schedule interview and medical since appointments were available at the time all while our case was in transit.