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  1. We just had our biometrics appointment today. it was the combined appointment. EAD and AOS. not sure if it helped but 2 weeks ago I reached out to my congressman and 10 days later we got our letter. Also our noa 1 is july 8
  2. Are you talking about the e-request under the uscis website "tools" section?
  3. Any word from anyone on appointments. I have read to open up inquiries to try and help speed the cases along. still nothing since our i797 back in july 11th
  4. We also have an NOA1 date of 7/11 and also have not received our biometrics appointment letter... I am so thankful of your post as we were really starting to worry it was just us. hopefully we will have a letter in the next few weeks. John
  5. We received our noa1 for the adjustment of status, work permit, and travel permit on july 11th. (State is maryland) however we have not received our fingerprint interview or any other correspondence. First are other people having extra long wait times? and if not other than filing a request of inquiry is there anything else we can do? we would like to plan some travel back to thailand but I would feel much better already having the advance parole in hand. thanks, John
  6. Notification came at 11:20am edt and was via text. I have only verified through the case tracker app but I do show approved in the app. I will update my status here late this afternoon when I have access to a personal pc.
  7. Yes I was using the tracker app to search about a hundred cases in front of mine. Well. I got to work late and found our status was approved. So looks like they are churning through the applications at a good clip. Keep up hope it will be soon
  8. I checked just checked the mobile app I use and all of the cases in front and behind mine are approved. Hoping mine is on the top of the pile now. Keep your chins up. Sitting right at 6 months for me.
  9. Thats so awesome. For all of us waiting remember next week is a holiday week and we should keep our expectation in order...... I have not been following April or May to see how many are still waiting.. its good to know at least one pile of applications from June are being processed.
  10. this was a holiday weekend... should start to hear more in the next few days... next week may be a little slower also... but after that it should pick back up for a solid few weeks.
  11. I have also had my ip blocked for having too many searches too quickly..
  12. As for waiting I just remind myself that there are still some April people waiting. At this point it's just lottery as to where you are in the particular stack. Sadly we have several holidays over the next few weeks.
  13. Compared to how much time we have been waiting it is only a short time now... soon enough we will see approvals start coming in.
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