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  1. The system wouldn’t have let us continue with the application and then submit it even if one answer had been missing, let alone several of them, don’t you think? So obviously, it was not our fault! My appointment is at 8:30 too! We can certainly meet up and chitchat while waiting. I read some posts on here where people shared their oath ceremony experience, the whole thing can take up to 3-4 hours since appointment time to finish, so it’s gonna be longgggg. But I am glad, the journey is almost over.
  2. Hi mrock27, It sounds like you had a pretty unpleasant experience with the interview. My IO was super nice. Some of my answers didn’t come up on the online application either (must be a technical issue) and she just asked me again without making a big deal out of it. We even had a mini chitchat. My wait was hideous though, more than 1.5 hours. At one point ai even thought they had missed my turn. And my oath ceremony is scheduled on June 27 too! It will be at Cadman Plaza.
  3. I would get very impatient too! Maybe they are just reviewing your case a little bit more I guess. Hope you will get scheduled for Oath ceremony soon!
  4. Today my case status has been updated to “Oath ceremony notice was sent,” which is 4 days after my interview. I am pleasantly surprised at how fast it is! For those of you who have been naturalized, after your interview how long did it take for you to attend the oath ceremony? Thanks! The timeline of my case (based on marriage) 8/5/2018: application filed online 8/28/2018: biometrics appointment 6/6/2019: interview (approved on the spot) 6/10/2019: oath letter was sent
  5. Thank you! My case status has just been changed to “ Oath ceremony will be scheduled”. Have you checked yours on https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/landing.do This is the site where they updated my case. On my.uscis.gov, the site I used to apply, the latest update on my case is still “We scheduled your interview.”
  6. I walked in the Brooklyn field office at 26 Federal Plaza this morning for the interview. The wait was long, almost 1 and a half hour. The interview itself was simple and straightforward. The IO was very nice. First, she asked if I wanted to provide more evidence. So I gave her our most recent tax return. Then she asked me some questions, mostly to verify the information from my application. Finally I was asked to do the civic test, which included answering 6 questions, reading one sentence and write 2 sentences. The IO then congratulated me on passing the test and informed me that a letter about the oath ceremony would be sent to me by the end of this month. Good luck to those of you who are waiting for the interview!
  7. Hi mrock27, Same for me. My original completion time has been changed from August to November. I have no idea what it really means as my interview is just 2 days away. It would be absurd if we have to wait for like 5 months for the oath ceremony!
  8. Hi, Yes, my estimated wait time is 3 months until case completion. Since the day I applied, it has always shown that my case will be completed in August 2019, it never changed. And everything seems to be on track. With the interview being scheduled in early June, I am hoping that I will be attending the oath ceremony in July. I think you will get your interview date soon.
  9. Hello mrock27! I am from Brooklyn too, and I also filed in August 2018 ( August 6th)! My interview is scheduled on June 6, making it exactly 10 months since the PD. If you don’t mind, please share the rest of your application journey here so that we can keep each other informed because our timeline and location are so similar!
  10. My status was updated to “We scheduled your interview.” on 4/24. My PD is 8/6/2018 and local office is Booklyn. Wondering if anyone has similar timeline.
  11. My I-751 was approved (GC received) when my N400 was (and still is) pending. No interview. I am a VSC filer.
  12. Received my 10-year green card in the mail today! It was only one week since the date of approval notice.
  13. I think this pretty much has something to do with which particular local office that processes the application, some are faster than the others. And even with the same local office, each case is different. With NYC, I was actually surprised that the estimated waiting time for N400 is 10 months right now.
  14. If you apply online, there will be guidelines on what documents you should upload to support your application. Like MHZ has mentioned, they are pretty similar to the ones used for I751, just more recent and updated.
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