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  1. All we can do now is to wait. Interviews for IR5 won’t be scheduled until the ban is lifted. So it could be another 6 months or even longer, if Trump stays in office. But if he loses in November, the suspension could be reversed faster and hopefully, Washington’s immigration laws will become more lenient and tolerant as they tend to be under Democrats’ leadership. If that’s the case, then the wait actually works in our favor.
  2. Not at all. This is the email I got. Good luck with your applications!
  3. I know it was unusually fast. Both of my parents’ cases got approved by NVC within 12 hours of me submitting their docs. It was crazy, but it was not completely unique though. I have seen several cases in here got DQ just as fast. I have no idea why it happened. It could just be pure luck. And no, there was no expedition.
  4. Hi Gar9, As I mentioned in my response, I just recently submitted my parents’ docs for NVC processing and their cases are now documentarily qualified (both happened in mid June). I am not so sure if the most recent extension of Trump’s EO has completely stopped NVC from reviewing IR5 cases though. Maybe you can give them a call and ask?
  5. I hope they are still reviewing applications for IR-5 visa. I submitted docs for my parents in mid June and got DQ soon after. I am not sure if things have now changed though given the extension of the EO. Right now my parents’ local embassy is not conducting IR-5 visa interview until further notice. It really doesn’t make sense to have the interview now anyway because as long as the ban is in place, you can’t enter the U.S even with the visa in hands. And that visa has an expiration date.
  6. Trump has been trying to limit family-based green cards for a while. He has aggressively enforced the public charge law, adding requirements such as age, education, skills, health insurance, which, of course, puts thousands of elder people as your parents and mine at risk of being denied their visas. There is so much discrimination in this whole public charge rule that I cannot wrap my head around it. He even at some point, I believe, proposed to permanently stop issuing green cards to parents and siblings of a USC. IMO, this EO has nothing to do with protecting US job market. Instead, Trump has used this pandemic as an opportunity for him to pursue his restrictive immigration policy. I am infuriated but not surprised that he has done that though.
  7. I personally think it will help (and if it doesn’t, it won’t hurt your case either). Looking back, I wished I had applied for citizenship a lot sooner, as soon as I was qualified and that should have prevented my cases from being affected by all the ongoing delays. Who knows how long this suspension will last, especially if Trump gets reelected in November. And what if a second wave of COVID-19 hits again in the US and across the globe. About N-400, it depends a lot on where you apply from. I applied in NYC back in mid 2018 and It took me 10 months with no RE or any other delays. I have seen someone applying from the state of Alaska and it took them less than 6 months.
  8. I submitted docs on June 15 and got DC for both of my parents in about 12 hours! It was insanely fast and so unexpected. I thought our visa category was not prioritized. We will have to wait for a long time for the interview though due to the backlog and current EO.
  9. I am! I actually followed this thread back in April and just recently realized that it is mainly for IR-1 😀😀.
  10. Have you received the email from NVC with the subject “Notice regarding your Immigrant Visa Case becoming Documentarily Qualified“ yet? For my case, as soon as all my documents were marked “accepted”, I received this email.
  11. Thank you! I called them, and they read the message for me. The wait was long but not too bad! Luckily, it was not anything major, just some general guideline.
  12. So, today I received an email from NVC notifying me of my case "becoming documentarily qualified." Does that mean my case is officially documentarily qualified or there will be more consideration (on the DS-206 maybe) before a final decision is made? And any of you has been having difficulty opening the messages on CEAC. I couldn't open mine at all after multiple attempts. Thank you!
  13. Did any of you submit DS-5540 and/or evidence of health insurance at the NVC stage? They are not listed as required documents so my guess is we only need to bring them to the interview. Am I right? Thanks!
  14. Anyone else at the NVC stage? Please keep us updated. I finally submitted all the documents on CEAC today and yet another wait begins. Not sure how Trump's EO of halting green cards for parents is gonna affect the process. Good luck to everyone!
  15. Oh, definitely! I am in another group who are now at the NVC stage, and there have been a number of cases deemed documetarily qualified over the past few weeks. So yes, they are still processing cases. The timeline is all over the place though. Some got approved pretty quickly after submitting docs, some haven’t despite longer wait. Anyway, I just noticed that you got AOS from F-1 Visa through marriage. Me too! It has been a long road with all these immigration process. I became US citizen last June.
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