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  1. thank you very much for the information, I will wait, you guys have made me re-think about it and i will be patient.
  2. Thank you very much for the cheer up! You just made me realize that I need to be patient and that for some reason it is taking a little longer. I will await for the notifications. Thank you!
  3. Hello MATD, my package was received 05/31, no news yet, I put a service request on 06/14, crossing my fingers to get news soon! if not I was planning on canceling check and filling out all documents once again
  4. It was a person, but yes the 30 day lead time is something they are told to tell everybody. He asked me for phone number and email address only to register the call, and all he said was no receipt #s yet, my package and check was received May 31st. Hope fully I will get notifications pretty soon. And yes next time I will pay with credit card, thought that a check was better but it is not
  5. I called this morning 2 hours after confirming that the package was received, the guy told me that there are not receipt #s yet and of course he said there is a 30 day lead time, but he assured me that the documents were going to be put together with my original submission, and I think that might trigger the creation of my receipts and notifications, cross your fingers thank you for responding! it helps a lot !
  6. Well perhaps I was not going to get my notifications never.. today thanks to @beloved_dingo I realized that I have forgotten to include the form for e-messages G-1145, and also more copies of passport, I-94 and 4 photos .. so today I hurried up and got all prepared, and now the supplement documents are on their way to be delivered tomorrow in Chicago. Please pray this is not going to delay my process that much I feel very dumb.
  7. I also used check and I have a feeling those take longer to verify the payment for, hence that's why ours are taking longer. Thank you !! that makes me feel a relief, hope after check is cleared everything flows as it should be .
  8. Chicago got our paperwork on May 31st (Friday), no text message yet as of June 11th, check has not been cashed either. I called yesterday USCIS and they told me to wait 10 more days, if not call them back I don't understand how papers are sent from all the country to same Chicago office and some get their receipts numbers before.
  9. That's so odd. You would think they would have you in the system by then. Did you use your married or maiden name? I would try taking that letter and going to the social security administration again and see if they can resend the request. @celie&joseph I used my maiden name because the SS clerk told me that the married one was not yet in USCIS system. Actually in the letter they mentioned that if I think it is a mistake I should call or go to the office .. I guess I will do that, and also I will ask for expedited EAD when I get my case number, my employer has been waiting for me to have the work permit to start with the relocation process, I don't want to tell them it will take 6 more months 😮 btw I keep opening new windows because I dont know how to reply directly from your last comment (thanks very much for answering)
  10. @celie&joseph I went to the SS office one month and a half after I arrived to the U.S.
  11. Hello all, thanks for all the messages, they really help to be patient our AOS docs were received on May 31st, we sent a check that has not been cashed, so I am hoping to receive news this week. By the way, I went to the SSA and filed for SSN and two weeks later a letter arrived in the mail stating that USCIS couldn't verify the documents I provided which was basically my K1 visa, my passport and my I94, so they could not issue a SSN and / or card bummer, I really wanted to start with getting driver license and medical insurance, I know I have to wait for the EAD to start working but anyways, it was odd because we got married since April 27th, so not sure why USCIS could not find my information.
  12. I am seeing a lot of positive responses to this and that lifts up my spirits. I had been denied entry to the U.S. and B1 visa cancelled this week because I was visiting my fiance quiet often and stayed for 2 or 3 months in a row. I have been very sad about that, however I have already my K1 visa interview scheduled for April this year, so does that mean this incident will not make a huge impact at the moment of K1 interview that my tourist visa was cancelled under Section 212(a)(7)(A)(i)(I) ?
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