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  1. That being said, if edit history is fully enabled and not regularly purged, and the edit timestamp is kept intact and publicly visible, then an indefinite edit time becomes much less of an issue anyway.
  2. Edit history has been stock with Invision for years so yes it should be available. Indefinite is not necessary, even extending edit time to an hour would help.
  3. Invision Community has had an edit history feature for years now so this could be enabled and used to address the issue you raised.
  4. The last question was redundant but was just checking to see if I’d actually receive anything or I’d have to call in / check. What exactly would my wife receive with respect to 1) her leaving the country before getting AP and 2) the manual withdrawal of the i864?
  5. I was going to edit a post I made slightly over 10 minutes ago and noticed the edit option already disappeared. The time limit to edit posts should be extended or removed as there are many good reasons for editing a post beyond a few minutes and as there is already an “edited” timestamp that makes it clear to others if or when a post was last edited. Thanks.
  6. The i864 withdrawal letter was delivered 2 weeks ago to NBC, when can I expect a response? No updates on USCIS tracker yet. The withdrawal confirmation would be addressed to me, the sponsor, right?
  7. Sent the I-864 withdrawal letter out. Thanks for the input everyone, wouldn’t have thought to do it without you. Big pats on backs. Not at all surprised by her behavior, she’s done much worse things. Regarding divorce, someone advised I look into whether the possibility that she remain out of the country for a long time may mean my marital assets may not suffer as much on divorce as it would in a no fault divorce. I guess this is where the attorneys come in.
  8. Thanks for the input everyone. Assuming this causes the pending gc application to become abandoned wouldn’t that also prevent approval of affidavit of support so no I-864 withdrawal letter needed?
  9. I found out my wife snuck a flight back to her home country (well, I had my suspicions as I heard her booking an urgent flight). She‘d expressed concerns about her father’s health (reportedly had a stent put in recently) and homesickness. I-131 was sent out very recently but she left without having been approved for advance parole. She just had to wait several more months. I’m guessing her gc application is now definitely in the water? Anything that can be done to rectify it (would urgent family issues have any weight?) or would she have to start from scratch? Though she has said multiple times she doesn’t really care about a green card so not sure that would happen.
  10. I’ll wait but it seems she’s pretty close to giving up this time. If I receive divorce papers from my wife, I assume that at that time I still have time to send the I-864 withdrawal letter and get it withdrawn before the divorce finalizes, such that I wouldn’t have to support her via the affidavit indefinitely upon divorce? Or is there a chance that wouldn’t work and it’s best to send the letter earlier if divorce seems impending?
  11. Forgot to confirm the address with them. Is this still the correct address (found on receipts received 2018 and early 2019): USCIS National Benefits Center P.O. Box 648003 Lee’s Summit, MO 64002 Google shows a different address: 850 NW Chipman Rd #5000 Lee’s Summit, MO 64063
  12. Called USCIS (reached them in less than 15 minutes this time, really surprising) and they said only needs to be sent to NBC, and to include a reason in addition to the aforementioned.
  13. Same. So back at square 1. Not Chicago but NBC then? Probably doesn’t matter but I guess for quicker action NBC’s the way to go as that’s where receipts advise sending updates? Yeah my wife’s adjustment of status is still pending. She has not received her green card yet and based on processing times likely wouldn’t have her interview until at least 2020. Sorry, I could’ve used a better choice of words in the original post.
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