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  1. Does anyone know if I would be entitled to a refund for either of the following: - i130: possible USCIS mistake as I never requested withdrawal of the i130, just the i864. - i485: USCIS mistake as they initially requested a fee for the i131 despite a pending i485, resulting in an unnecessary delay in the processing of AP which ultimately contributed to her premature abandonment of the i485.
  2. Um… so the letter I wrote explicitly asked for the withdrawal of affidavit of support I-864, but today I received a case status update noting the withdrawal of I-130 petition for alien relative. Done or not?
  3. As far as I recall, last year when I asked for an appointment over a call they just referred me to the online scheduler (which never showed new appointment slots, even immediately after midnight), and I think I also tried earlier this year but they just confirmed that none of the offices for my zip are accepting appointments, but I guess I’ll try again noting the urgency.
  4. Since January both of the offices that show up for my zip code in NYC say “This office is not accepting walk-in requests or scheduling InfoPass appointments.” Even last year when I tried to book an infopass for something else, appointments never showed up on the list. Also, how long will Case Status Online be down for? I want to add a receipt number for alerts.
  5. They were originally on separate issues but I guess they were still related to her exiting and reentering and my latest replies on both related to i864 withdrawal so I understand the reason for the merge, thanks for consolidating.
  6. Just learned the interview was recently cancelled. Still no update on affidavit yet. Speaking of which, should I include the i485 receipt number in the i864 withdrawal letter given how USCIS crawls into their shell about applications specific to my wife whenever I’m on a call with them?
  7. Due to no reply from USCIS yet I’m resending the letter, now notarized per recommendations, to NBC again and this time also my local field office. Double-checking: include receipt numbers for both i130 and i485? Or just i130? Or also others? I know that USCIS crawls into a shell whenever I make even noninvasive enquiries on the i485 saying they can’t say anything about it since it’s my wife’s not mine, so I’m wondering if including the i485 receipt number may be having the same effect here hence no reply. Illogical, but knowing USCIS, plausible.
  8. I just read ideally letter should be notarized. I’ll send out notarized copies of the letter to USCIS NBC again and this time also the local field office.
  9. It should but USCIS makes mistakes. I can testify to that. Better safe than sorry. Should just be a little longer anyhow.
  10. Gotta wait for a confirmation from USCIS on the i864 withdrawal before divorce. USCIS is taking their sweet time as usual but can’t be stuck with supporting her indefinitely (which seems like a really odd/dumb rule).
  11. I won’t invest anymore. If she wants to reapply for a gc she’ll need another sponsor and someone else to pay the fees. Yeah, no confirmation from USCIS yet but I called in recently and they said letters take about 60d for a reply so about another month.
  12. I wish I knew. She seemed intent on divorce not more than a few weeks ago. Anyway I’ll forward the news on. It seems her and her parents are having a meeting with a visa advisor in a few days too. Thanks for the advice.
  13. Hi, my wife who has a pending green card application left the US without advance parole so her gc application will likely fail. She now wants to reenter the US on her f1 student visa which she claims expires next year and is asking me to provide proof of accommodation, specifically a letter confirming that I’m her husband and that she’ll be staying with me at my address. Is her plan to reenter accurate?
  14. That being said, if edit history is fully enabled and not regularly purged, and the edit timestamp is kept intact and publicly visible, then an indefinite edit time becomes much less of an issue anyway.
  15. Edit history has been stock with Invision for years so yes it should be available. Indefinite is not necessary, even extending edit time to an hour would help.
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