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  1. When i go to ssa office i bring gc, marriage contract and passport.. makes me mad coz they don't know what they doing 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ and said wait 4 weeks.. until 4 weeks come 8 weeks and nothing happen until i called and said i need to check my alien status and why i'm going to check my alien status i already have my green card 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ and they wan't me to go back to bring my paper's to prove it but i already show it to them.. 2 months waiting for nothing.. Until i go other ssa office my god only green card and marriage contract and told me wait 5 to 10 days and no question at all.. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
  2. our interview today went well.. although they lost 1 page on our papers, but the guy who interview us really nice and he print something..worried coz i don't have extra copy on it lol.. took an hour and asking about us, where we meet, where he propose blah blah.... and also ask when we get married.. we don't enough joint like bills ect. under our name... all we have is.. itr,phone bill, cards that address to our name and a lot of pictured.. i think he get 15 pcs. from the day we meet, place we visit in phil. christmas picture here with family and friends, honeymoon ect. and he said.. APPROVED and grant us 10 years gc. coz we married almost 2 years before we send our papers...
  3. good luck to us for the interview tomorrow😤
  4. nah.. its ok.. march 11 2019 7:35 am. south carolina
  5. mine took 5 days to get letter for my schedule...
  6. mine took 3 weeks.. before we receive notice from phone.. then few days hard copy.. so maybe this week u will receive..
  7. I did not expect.. i was thinking im going to wait couple of months after rfe we got.. now lil nervous lol
  8. woooh... interview date march 11, 2019 😊 7:50 in greer south carolina
  9. I did not believe mine that took only 5 days .. i was expecting maybe 2 months or more lol..anyway u will have soon.. patient patient ugh
  10. mine just change this morning.. interview was scheduled.. took 5 days only... with rfe here ugh..
  11. from " CASE READY TO BE SCHEDULE FOR AN INTERVIEW " to " INTERVIEW WAS SCHEDULE " took 5 days... now i can tell SC is fast.. how many days i will recieve the letter?
  12. they said that if u have rfe ur combo card will get hold also.. that make me sick ugh... so we plan to wait this week then we will call... ty for the info
  13. well after 2 weeks we send the papers that they need... RFE.. my status change... CASE READY TO BE SCHEDULE FOR AN INTERVIEW... how long im going to wait? my combo did not change it yet... SC greer
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