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  1. Am I missing anything for interview? • Appointment Letter plus copy • Passport plus copy • Birth Certificate (Petitioner and Beneficiary) plus copy • Marriage Certificate (Petitioner) plus copy • Divorce Certificate (Petioner) plus copy • Affidavid or Support from Petioner and Co-sponsor (copy) •Check Stubs •W2 past two years • Letters from employer • Bank Statements •Sealed Medical Exam • Two passport photos • Evidence of ongoing relationship • Letter of intent to marry • Pictures • Plane tickets
  2. MarkandCharity

    Packet 3 to Packet 4 Question

    We got the same thing today! Is yours from Montreal too? I’m wondering how long before we get packet 4. I’m excited but mostly nervous lol!
  3. My fiancé emailed the required documents for packet 3. He received an email with the confirmation number for that. Is that packet 4 or do we wait longer for it?
  4. MarkandCharity

    DS160 Mistake

    He emailed packet 3 like the directions say to do. We got it all straightened out now.
  5. MarkandCharity

    Packet 3 received....questions.

    Thank you!
  6. We somehow got the case number and my receipt number mixed up. My fiancé emailed them everything but put the receipt number instead of the case number on the check list and the email subject line. It is to late to go scan another copy of the checklist. Can he rewrite another and take a picture of it and edit it so that it is clearly seen and resend with the correct case number or wait til Monday and scam another one in? Will this mess everything up for us?
  7. MarkandCharity

    Packet 3 received....questions.

    Thank you so much! One more question....I keep reading people saying different things but once he emails Packet 3 today can we go ahead online and set up our interview? Do they give you a date or can you choose one that works best? Same with the medical?
  8. MarkandCharity

    Packet 3 received....questions.

    Does he need to check all of the items that apply to him on the check list.....sign it and then email that back? Not all apply like Canadian immigration documents, court record and military record? He wouldn’t have any of that.
  9. MarkandCharity

    Packet 3 received....questions.

    Ok my fiancé (in Canada) received packet 3. It says to make sure we have everything on the check list and he has to fill out D60 online. Are we to mail in everything on the check list or take it with us to the interview? I am filling out the I134 and gathering all of the documents needed (almost have everything needed). Do I need to mail all of this to him so that he can mail it to the consulate or can I take it up there when I go to the interview with him? List of everything I have.... 1. Intent to marry 2. His and my birth certificate 3. My Divorce Dicree 4. His police record 5. Signed affidavit of support I134 from me and my patents (they are cosposors) A. Letter from our work B. Pay stubs (all from this year) C. W2 from 2016 and 2017 D. Bank statements this year 6. Evidence of relationship 7. Two recent photographs 8. Evidence of petitioners domicile of US (what do I need for this one?) Is this enough? Do I fill out an i864? Sorry for so many questions I just want to get this all right!
  10. MarkandCharity

    In transit to Montreal

    On the link it says I need the i864. Do I need both I 864 and I134?
  11. MarkandCharity

    In transit to Montreal

    It took 13 days from when we received an email from NVC. I am a nervous wreck!! Lol
  12. Y’all I am having the worst panic attack. My bank is being annoying saying they can’t give me a letter with what I need. I cannot find my w2 from 2017. I have every other one!!!! I have the letter from my employer and I can print off every pay check stub for 5 years. I have the paper work for when I filed my taxes for 2017 with turbo tax. My Dad is going to be my co sponsor and he has a letter from his employer and 2 years of w2s. Is this enough or do I need more? I’m sorry I have asked questions other places and I feel like I drive people crazy. We received packet 3 today and I’m just one big ball of nerves.
  13. MarkandCharity

    In transit to Montreal

    We just received packet 3 today from Montreal. Do not schedule interview until you get packet 4 it is telling us.
  14. MarkandCharity

    I134 Form Questions

    I am filling out an i134 and my parents are filling out one also. They are sending me their w2 for the past 2 years and a letter from my Dads work. I am going to sending a letter from my bank and a letter from work. Will this be enough?