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  1. Im not an expert but I think it was count when I filled my DS260. I also Im following some latest NVC updates and I have the impression that everything is slower and slower everyday, there is not to many cases generated, also there is not to many cases closed and no interviews yet. And first I received regular email and a couple of hours later CEAC
  2. I filled DS260 01/02, and I uploaded some documents that day, then next day more documents and then 01/09. My case was completed 01/15 and yes the same day I received the email, actually I got the email first and on the page still was submitted until a couple of hours later that changed to accepted. I dont know but somebody already answered your question.
  3. I mean, Im going to bring 2015, 2016, 2017 Tax transcript if my interview is before 04/15. just in the case the interview is going to be after that date Im going to have to bring my 2018 1040 and w2s, like you said 2018 Tax transcript are not going to be ready soon
  4. I dont have a date yet, but if everything change and if you have in your hand 1040 and w2s you can upload them meanwhile your IRS transcript arrives. You dont have to upload everything at the same time, actually I started uploading on 01/02, then 01/03, 01/09 and my case was closed 01/15 and obviously I got my tax transcript already and my stepson is going to bring it to the interview.
  5. I uploaded only 2017 1040 and the w2s supporting, no other forms, however like you said everyone is saying they want tax transcript you can upload 1040 and w2s and ask for a tax transcript and when you have it upload it too. Petitioner and joint sponsor have to fill each one a I-864 if they live in different address.
  6. If you make the enough money in 2017 just upload 2017, if your interview is after 04/15 you have to bring 2018, if its before you can tell them I didnt do it yet, law is the law. Or if you already made the 2018 taxes you have enough time to get the 2018 transcripts
  7. Dont stress you only need to send 2017. 2018 tax season is not done yet (April 15th) they cant request a 2018 unless you already uploaded. If you need 2018 tax because you make more money and need it to sponsor him/her, its the only reason to upload it.
  8. Why will my co-sponsor needs to write a letter? I just upload for him (you can see it on page 11) remember we dont share last name, we are not related at all and different address. Proof of citizenship or LPR Proof of US domicile (Driver License) Form I-864 2017 Tax Return (Form 1040) 2017 3 different W2s in different files
  9. My co-sponsor doesnt have the same last name either and he lives in other address and it was accepted. I think its different if the petitioner and co-sponsor share the same address but Im not sure.
  10. On page 11 in this forum you will find my screenshots, everything that I uploaded and it was approved without RFE
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