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  1. What is EI? I am a Canadian citizen myself and work here in Canada. My plan after I immigrate is commuting to Canada every day for work (40 minute drive, no problem).
  2. How is it possible to keep track of how many times you leave the US to Canada. I live and work 10 minutes away from the US in Canada and often times I go to the US and back to Canada once a week. sometimes four times a week. This would be impossible to keep track of.
  3. Hello everyone, Newbie here, so few questions before I start this journey. Q1: My wife to be is a USC through naturalization, however, she was underage at the time, therefore, she got her citizenship through her dad. Question is, does she need to apply for a citizenship certificate to file for i-130? She does have a valid passport. Q2: I am a Canadian citizen and we've been dating for more than 6 years, we live in neighboring cities (US-Canada), would I still be able to visit her after she files? I do not have property in my name, however, I do have a full-time career that I can get a letter from my HR departments stating my intentions are nothing but pleasure and will surely be back in Canada after a short amount of time (Mostly weekends) Q3: What is the processing like for I130 and NVC in Montreal? when can we start living together in the US? Feel free to share any helpful links or guides that I can use as we start to prep the I130. Thanks in advance.