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  1. We havend sent in the application yet. I am the Canadian. My husband is the American. We are married but wanted his middle name as our last name. It will take up to 10 weeks for the name change but we want to send in our application within the next week or two
  2. My husband and I are in the process of changing our last name (to his middle name) will this affect our application ?
  3. So do I use this from? Or do I need an updated one ?
  4. Thank you! So it is ok I use this form and send it in ?
  5. The application form for cr-1 visa on the USCIS website says at the top right "expired 07/31/2018" ?? How do I get an updated form?
  6. im 27 i don't have a will lol
  7. "Those" as in everything I mentioned or just the affidavit affirmed by a third party ??
  8. We don't share joint bank accounts. Don't have any joint ownership. We have been together for 2 years. Married a few months. Lived together for one year in a home that was paid for by my husbands work.
  9. We just got married a few months ago we don't have property. Don't share bank accounts. Separate cars. Etx
  10. Gathering as much proof as I can to prove bona fide marriage.. does this sound like enough? (Canadian-US) -marriage certificate -pictures of us throughout the year -license/mail showing that we lived together for 1 year -adfidative affirmed by a third party (should this be notarized?) -proof of adding spouse to benefits -cards/emails shared between us thanks!
  11. JessC


    True! Thank you!! he actually was born in Canada. He lived in Florida for a year or two with his dad to get his citizenship a while back. His dad is American. He lives near Daytona. A place called satsuma. So we are planning to go to Daytona.
  12. JessC


    I know. Going to be a job in itself. Is this something we should do before filing ? Any idea what the process is like for back filing for US taxes? 😖😖
  13. JessC


    Sorry yes the CR-1 spouse visa. He's been in Canada for about 8 years. That is the only issue. He has not filed UStaxes since he's been in Canada. Forgot to mention his dad lives in Florida and we plan on using him as my sponsor.