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  1. B&Ovi

    USC vs Permanent Resident

    each country also has a certain amount of visas that are issued yearly too, right?
  2. B&Ovi

    USC vs Permanent Resident

    I had a question. and the responses from two were down right rude. you're right, it is two different things and I'm learning that through out the process. my question was solely based on USCIS case processing. the website breaks us down into catergory.
  3. B&Ovi

    USC vs Permanent Resident

    Thank you!!! the thing is on USCIS website when you check case processing time, this is not explained or broken down. thank you for your time and intellect.
  4. B&Ovi

    USC vs Permanent Resident

    good luck with your case, and waiting on line with others as well. if you don't like my online post, please skip it. good day to you.
  5. B&Ovi

    USC vs Permanent Resident

    I am currently waiting for a I-130 approval and I am feeling today a bit anxious. the VJ timelines are just a hand full of people world wide making a petition. Further more, there are people on VJ that started a timeline and do not go back to finish it. Thank you Geowrian for the insights!
  6. B&Ovi

    USC vs Permanent Resident

    perhaps 2-2.5 yrs in NVC stage, but in USCIS LPR have a 5-7 month for case processing time, while a USC has 6.5-8.5 waiting period. the difference is not much, but every day counts.
  7. My petition is currently in TSC. I am an USC. I do not want to come off judgmental, however, the case processing time for a permanent resident is shorter than that of an USC in Texas service center. I have heard that a USC has priority. Is this not true then?
  8. Congratulations!! sorry I can not help you with your question. your journey is almost over. what hostel did you stay at?
  9. Hello All, I get these amazon ads while using my iphone to check this site all the time. it is very annoying and I have to keep logging in and out. anything can be done?
  10. Hello boricuba and thank you for updated us. My case is still in USCIS. What service center was your petition in? Also can you share what hotel or hostel you stay at as a recommendation. Please update us after the interview. I would love to know how it all unfolds. Best of luck!
  11. B&Ovi

    Processing time

  12. I saw this article. Immigrates can't catch a break. And a word to "The Hill", USCIS stands for US citizenship and Immigration services. NOT customs and immigration services.
  13. I keep getting them too, has any admin found a solution to this?