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  1. It happens. If it's been more than 3 weeks since POE you'll need to call your local office to make an appointment so you can apply in person. It can be a bit of a pain getting the appointment (they'll put you on a list and call when one is available, which can take a few weeks), but once you get one it's fairly quick. I got a call for a same day appointment and I believe my card came within a week (my local office is downtown Seattle so ymmv).
  2. Done! I looked into this months ago for the Sydney consulate (but of course things change fast during the pandemic) and at the time consulates were not accepting transfers. If they have resumed transfers then yes you are allowed as a citizen. It can take a few months to process, but depending on where you are in line that may be worth it. Can't hurt to reach out!
  3. That's too bad, they certainly don't make it easy do they! I expect they'll put you in AP pending receipt of an original certificate, even with proof that one was ordered. While they are willing to overlook missing documents in situations in which they are simply unavailable or producing one would be an exceptional burden (not wanting to be apart doesn't count), in this case it is available you just can't get it because the USC is in Canada (if I'm understanding the situation correctly). If there is a reason that the USC can't leave Canada (e.g. caregiver) then I'd bring proof of that, otherwise, I'd come up with a plan to get the original.
  4. Are they willing to send it to Canada if you cover the additional postage?
  5. It depends where you're going as many, if not all of them, are taking their own digital photos now. If you want to bring some just in case, they would be US sized
  6. Aha I knew it was in there! I've removed the duplicate under interview process. Normal office wear. My interviewer was wearing a button down shirt and pants and he had a fun pattern on his mask (if I remember correctly it was ice cream sandwiches haha).
  7. Hahaha this made me laugh. I was row 1 for new interviews after covid cancellations were rescheduled and let's just say I spent months like this: I had two additional citizenships noted on my DS-260, one of which I held a valid passport for and one of which I didn't. I brought as much proof as I could (passports both expired and valid, etc) but wasn't asked for either, just my Canadian stuff.
  8. I honestly thought it was but I just checked and it's not. Adding it now!
  9. This is common. You'll get your interview letter likely Monday (since it's a Friday) and it will be for the same date/time as your son. No need to contact them unless you haven't heard anything by Tuesday or Wednesday.
  10. Don't bother getting them to update it, it'll just delay you further if they'll even do it in the first place. USCIS will adjust it when they print your green card and if they don't you can get it fixed for free (this is all assuming that you'll be activating after 2 years of marriage, which after 14 months of AP is almost a given). You'll definitely want to make sure the green card is correct but having your visa printed as CR1 instead of IR1 will not make the slightest difference as both are treated the same and will allow you the same rights in the US while you wait for your green card to be printed (or re-printed if they get it wrong).
  11. You can't track your SSN (all you can do is call the SSA if you haven't received it 2-3 weeks after POE), but you can track your green card using the same USCIS page you used to track your application status. No need for an account, you just use the number you got when you paid your visa fee, which should start with IOE.
  12. I always advocate for having as up to date documentation as possible but I think you might be able to scrape by on this one because that page also says: If at the time of your interview the following three items are all true, you must bring a new police certificate to your visa interview: You are more than 16 years old; The police certificate submitted to NVC was obtained more than one year ago; and You still live in the country that issued the certificate. As you are not still living in India and going back for a visit doesn't constitute living there, all three conditions are not met and so you should be fine unless you get an officer in a bad mood.
  13. It's very unlikely that you'll be actually denied, but a temporary denial/AP is possible while they look into your overstay and/or withdrawal of entry. The fact that you've been able to visit many times since both your oversray and your withdrawal of entry shows that you don't have a ban which is what would result in a denial and needing to file a waiver. As already discussed, be sure to disclose both your overstay and withdrawal if prompted at the interview. You didn't happen to file an extension of stay after the motorcycle accident did you?
  14. I know this has already been answered but I just wanted to add that I also had that annotation and had no issues at POE, nor did I have to do anything special. I've added this to the FAQ as it seems like it's not an infrequent occurrence.
  15. This didn't happen in my IL group (though we were a small group). Just off the top of my head there were 3 of us scheduled on the same day and my PD was at least 4 months before the other two (I did get the earliest appointment that day but I think that's because I also had an earlier DQ date haha).
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