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  1. Also @Hawk Riders I think your inbox is full.
  2. This is very well put, and also not an experience I would wish on my worst enemy. The immigration limbo when there are no timelines is a beast of it's own and it did a number on my mental health.
  3. Perfectly fine from an immigration perspective. Does you employer know you plan to do this? It can complicate things for them so I'd let them know if they do not know already. Carrying your work laptop is also perfectly fine. You'll have work authorization once you activate your visa so working from the US will be allowed.
  4. You can't edit the DS-260, tell them the changes at your interview.
  5. This is in fact good news for those who are granted a CR1 instead of an IR1. USCIS is also working towards clearing much of their backlog over the next year and a half or so which is good news for those who eventually want to become citizens. Unfortunately it doesn't have any bearing on those waiting on Montreal haha!
  6. Lease seems to be what they really like to see. I'd check out the later pages of this thread:
  7. We got an email, as did our lawyer, for both DQ and interview letter. Immigration lawyer won't speed anything up, but they're great to have if any complications arise. If anything a lawyer will slow you down as they are working on hundreds of cases and when it comes down to helping someone who is about to be deported, or a spousal visa where everyone is safe, your case isn't going to be the priority.
  8. This is what is currently in the FAQ: How long until I get my SSN? Even if you selected “yes” to receive your SSN on the DS260, you may not get one. If you don’t have your SSN 3 weeks after POE, go to your local social security office (during COVID this requires an appointment) to inquire about it. If you didn’t select “yes”, you’ll have to go in person regardless. It will take about 10 days after that. Let me know if it needs revising or is out of date and I will gladly update it! Timely reminder y'all, READ THE FAQ.
  9. I believe medicals done outside the US (as required when doing consular processing) are still only valid for 6 months. Medicals done within the US (e.g. for AOS) use form I-693 which is different from the form used by panel physicians outside of the US and the validity of form I-693 was extended beyond the 6 months because of the pandemic.
  10. I didn't need mine. Our lawyer checked in with me after to a) see if Dr. Cheema had said that and b) if I ended up needing it because they'd noticed that no one was being asked for it anymore but the doctors (specifically Dr. Cheema - the lawyer is on the west coast so that's who they'd have most of their cases going to) were still telling people to have it on them.
  11. You don't have an i94 anymore. SSA doesn't know what to do with visas, they took one look at my IR1 and asked me to come back with proof of my work authorization and I had to point out that it says on my visa that it evidences permanent resident status for 1 year. As long as you have your visa and the corresponding stamp in your passport you're good. If you don't, then you'll probably need to go to the nearest USCIS office to get it fixed, but my money is on the SSA screwing up, not USCIS (and that's saying a lot).
  12. Booster is not required as it's not part of the CDC's definition of vaccinated. Not sure about second dose tbh, when I wrote that things were still very much up in the air. I believe it'll be treated as the rest of the vaccines which come in a series where if you have the first then you're good to go but need to complete the series once in the US.
  13. Say "lost receipt notice". It'll put you through to a person and they won't know the reason. I had to call them recently and that worked. For context for everyone else reading: it's no longer a menu where you can select the reason why you're calling but a sassy robot that asks why you're calling and if you don't say the exact right thing (and "help" or "agent" are not the exact right thing) it'll warn you that it's going to disconnect the call and then will actually do so. It's the most infuriating thing to figure out.
  14. DCF through Canada is so rare I'm sure neither the NVC nor Montreal know how to handle it properly. However, it shouldn't affect your timeline post I-130 because the rest of the process is the same so if you should have received an IL and haven't, I'd keep following up with them.
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