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  1. Is anyone else a little bummed out by how slow Texas has been lately? They were doing so well and then in the last month or so it seems like they've barely been approving anything Igor's list only has 8 approvals in the past month! I know there's more going on as the people on VJ are only a small portion of everyone that sends a petition but after so many months of waiting it's discouraging that they seem to be slowing down.
  2. I'm not sure I belong in this thread because as a Canadian I am, thankfully, incredibly privileged in this aspect. For the first 4.5 years, I would visit him for a weekend every 6 weeks. I took a lot of red-eye flights and had a lot of days where I went straight to work from the airport after having "slept" on a plane in order to stretch my vacation days. In May I moved to Vancouver so that we could be on the same coast, which required moving in with my parents again. Now I visit for a weekend every 2-3 weeks (which I know I am very lucky to be able to do). I am also incredibly lucky that I am now able to take a train to see him, which significantly cuts down on costs. We talk on the phone usually twice a day and will message each other a few times a day as well. We've never really video chatted except for the rare occasion in which the phone wasn't an option. It's still really hard and after 5+ years I'm so done with being apart, but I know it's nowhere near as hard as the situations the rest of you are dealing with, and my heart goes out to all of you.
  3. DGF

    Crossing with pending i-130

    I primarily take Amtrak. We clear customs in Canada before boarding the train. I know that it is possible to be taken into secondary at the station as I've seen it happen and I've been pulled into it on my way back into Canada for bag searches, but I've never been sent to secondary on my way into the US. I drove down once with my parents and we were not taken into secondary that time either. I also had my train substituted with a bus one time and we all had to get off and clear customs when we got to the border and again I was not taken into secondary (Sorry to be repetitive, just trying to cover all the different types of crossings in which everything was fine!) Also, I forgot to mention that I do have Nexus. I didn't use it for the first few months I was taking the train (before we were married my husband lived further and I used to fly) because I didn't know that it was accepted at the Amtrak station, but my results have been the same traveling on both Nexus and my passport.
  4. DGF

    Crossing with pending i-130

    I have a similar travel history as your husband (~3-4 years of crossing around every 4-6 weeks) and now that we are married I cross every other weekend and haven't had an issue yet. Fingers crossed it stays that way! I always tell them I'm going to visit my husband. Sometimes they ask me who is moving where and I tell them I am moving to the US as soon as my visa is approved. They've always been satisfied with that answer and I've even had them comment on how long the process takes! He should be honest with them that he is going to see you. It's a bad idea to hide what the intent of the trip is, or to be intentionally vague about it because that could raise suspicions, especially if they find out through further questions that he will be spending the whole trip with you. Oh, and maybe this is just me being an anxious person, but the concern about crossing the border never goes away, even after plenty of successful crossings! 😛
  5. DGF

    travel before AOS & I-130

    This is incredibly illegal and can land you with a lifetime ban from the US. Our attorney mentioned it to us too because it is legal if you enter the US WITHOUT the intent to immigrate (which you clearly would not be doing). It exists to allow people that came over on legitimate visas (such as student visas) and met and married a USC to apply for their green card without having to leave again. If your attorney is actively encouraging you to take this route, find a new attorney.
  6. The USCIS website says (for example, at TSC) that LPR processing time for the I-130 is 5-7 months while USC processing time for the I-130 is 6.5-8.5 months. For me, the frustration comes from the fact that petitions that have to wait for a current PD date after being approved are being processed faster than ones that are current as soon as they are approved. Since the 1.5 month faster processing time for LPR petitions occurs before their PD date is current (and thus not making a difference to the total wait time) it feels like having LPR petitions process faster than USC petitions is unfair and makes me wonder why USCIS has allocated its resources in a way that allows this to happen. But then again, that's just how I understand it and maybe I'm way off base
  7. Thank you both! The wording on the website is unclear so I wanted to double check here
  8. From what I've read around here, it's either a NOID or RFE but you won't know until you get it in the mail. Fingers crossed it's an RFE!
  9. I'm not sure which countries I need police certificates from. I am a citizen of Canada, UK, and Australia. According to the DOS website, since I am over 16, I am required to get a police certificate from my country of nationality if I have lived there for more than 6 months at any point in my life. I was born in Canada and have spent most of my life living here. I know I will need a police certificate for Canada. I have never lived in the UK, although I do have an expired UK passport (citizenship was gained through my parents). I don't think I'll need a police certificate for the UK since I have never lived there. I lived in Australia for just shy of 4 years, although I was under 16 during that time. I got my citizenship through naturalization and moved back to Canada shortly after (I don't know if it was more or less than 6 months that I was living there as a citizen - if that matters). I have a valid Australian passport and have traveled on it since I was 16, although not through the US. I am unsure if I will need a police certificate from Australia. Can anyone help me figure out which police certificates I'll need? I still have a few months before my I-130 should be approved but if I need to get one from Australia I'd rather know ahead of time in case it takes a while! Also, as a bonus (sort of unrelated) question: I know I will need to provide all of my passport numbers at some point. For my UK passport, will I need to renew it so it is valid? Could I leave it out since it hasn't been valid since I was a child?
  10. Someone just posted on the August filers thread that the inquiry date for TSC just jumped back to May from June 7th and sure enough we're at 6.5 - 8.5 months again.
  11. I'm not surprised. There have been a lot of people recently with PD dates that have exceeded the date listed on the USCIS website. That being said, we're at TSC and this sucks 😕
  12. Congratulations! With all you and your wife have been through I'm glad you got such a speedy approval!
  13. I saw a July approval on facebook the other day. Every new month that they start approving makes me more excited!
  14. Our timeline: Filed: September 18th 2018 NOA1 (letter): October 4th 2018 PD: September 20th 2018 And waiting on NOA2 I'm hoping things will speed up and we'll hear something in March, although my timeline says we won't hear until sometime in April.
  15. We have the same PD and are both at Texas. Three and a bit months down, hopefully not many more to go!