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  1. I have three as well. I was asked for the passport number of the passports for Canada (where I live) and Australia (because I hold a valid passport), but was not asked for my UK passport number because it is expired. The only scan I had to upload was the bio data page from my Canadian passport.
  2. We're using a lawyer and didn't have to do the DS261 either, I think it's not used anymore.
  3. This is incredible and needs to be shouted from the rooftops for all to hear.
  4. Anyone else check CEAC daily even though you know you'll get an email if there are any updates 🙈 I have no faith in our lawyer so I'm going in with the expectation that we're going to have to resubmit something at some point and I'd rather find out sooner than later!
  5. For us it was 2 weeks from being notified (via case inquiry) that someone was working on it to being approved, but there are so many variables that can change that.
  6. Sure, if it's not too much trouble. We're not expecting DQ until sometime in December given the current processing times so I wouldn't want to create any confusion by joining!
  7. No problem! DQ means documentarily qualified. You'll know that you are DQ when you get the email from them saying they will work with the consulate to schedule your interview.
  8. Yes, call them! They assigned our case number on a Wednesday and we didn't find out about it until the following Tuesday when we called in. Good luck!
  9. I think this might be a bug in CEAC. We have a question that was definitely answered that is now showing as blank too. I did a quick search on here and wasn't able to find any cases of this happening to anyone else, but since we've both had this issue in the last few weeks, I doubt we're the only ones it has happened to. Since you are a few weeks ahead of us, please post an update when you are DQ or if you are asked to resubmit (though hopefully it will be the former!)
  10. Just found out that our docs were submitted today, so I guess the next wait begins! That being said, does anyone know how to view AOS and financial evidence docs once they've been submitted? I want to make sure our lawyer didn't make any mistakes (and get on top of them now if they did rather than waiting 6 weeks for them to be rejected) but when I try to view them they all say "this document cannot be viewed because it contains sensitive information". Would it work if my husband logged in since it is technically his "sensitive information" that is in the docs?
  11. Oh no, I am so sorry to hear this I was just wondering about you guys the other day and now I'm hoping you're holding up alright. I know how frustrating it is to have your case seemingly be in a black hole. We didn't end up having to reach out to my husband's congresswoman to get unstuck (thankfully he was able to resolve the issue with tier 2 only) but I hope that they are able to make some progress on your behalf. Please keep us updated and hopefully your nightmare at USCIS will be over very soon!
  12. I'm hoping we are just as lucky after being held up at Texas for 11 months! Congrats on the quick DQ 😊
  13. It's the previous years that are pushing me over the line in this case, I'd be fine if I was only counting this year! As for the 180 days in a year, I was under the impression that it was 180 days per trip (of course with the stipulation that if you tried to do two 6 month trips in a row they'd absolutely be suspicious and likely deny you). I've heard of it being interpreted both ways so I should probably confirm which one is correct! Also, what is a TRIP? I've never heard of that. Adjusting status is 100% not an option for us, we're so close to the finish line that it would be pointless. Plus my husband is a dual citizen so our plan b is for him to move to Canada (not as ideal due to his job and most of our combined family being in the US, but at least we'll be together). Good luck with the balancing act!
  14. I visit every other week, so generally I spend 10 days in Canada and 5 days in the US, not including holidays and times when my husband has come to visit me. If my tracking is correct, I will only be 15 days past the 183 days of the substantial presence test if I do decide to extend, not that that matters since over is still over. Although frequent, I have always treated my visits as visits and would never abuse my visiting privileges by using them to live in the US 1) I'm not too familiar with injunctions, would it be reasonable to expect that it will take so long to resolve that the rule will still be suspended in 6 months or so or should I expect that this will be resolved by that time? Also, I have double checked that I will still meet Canadian residency requirements (especially for health care) and I will even if I do extend my trip. I would go home if I didn't! 2) I think this is my biggest concern of them all because you're right, I would prefer to know than to assume. After the scrutiny I was under I figure I wouldn't have been admitted if the expired I-94 was an issue, but I do want to be sure before I make my decision. I have never heard of deferred inspection sites but there is one sort of nearby so I will give them a call on Monday and see if they are able to help, thank you! 3) That's what I thought. I guess I could put the full 6 months and then give the correct duration at my interview. It's probably better to over estimate than to under estimate. Thank you for taking the time to answer!
  15. I’m sorry if this is in the wrong place! For the past year and a half I have been traveling to the US to visit my husband every other weekend or so and staying for 4 nights each time. We are about 6 months out from my interview (CR1) but that is assuming everything goes smoothly and existing backlogs don’t get worse. On Thursday I made my usual trip to cross the border. When I got to customs, they knew who I was and said that they were expecting me. It turns out that I have been flagged for frequent travel. The guy warned me that now that I have been flagged the chances of me being denied entry are very high. He said that visiting your spouse isn’t allowed while there is a pending visa, and that if I were denied entry we’d have to start the process from the beginning (I know neither of these are true). He spent a while questioning me and looking at my NOA1 and NOA2, before showing them to his coworker who told him to let me through, which he did. I am now trying to decide if I should extend my trip until either my interview or I get close to 6 months, whichever comes first. However there are three things that I’m wary about that are preventing me from making a decision: 1. If I extend my trip I will be considered a resident for tax purposes under the substantial presence rule. This means I will have to file taxes, possibly before my interview. Will this be a problem either for our application or at my interview? Also, since I don’t have any income, could filing US taxes cause any problems under the new public charge rules? I hope that my husbands income and the fact that I intend on working once I get my green card will be enough to prove otherwise. Lastly, will filing US taxes cause any issues when I file my final Canadian taxes once I have my green card? 2. Since I crossed using my NEXUS, I don’t have a stamp in my passport saying when I was admitted until. I checked my i94 online, but since I cross by land the last one I was issued was from the last time crossed via air and expired in June. When I use the site to check my compliance it says I am not eligible to check online. The guy at the border didn’t say anything about giving me a shortened admittance, but is it possible that he did and didn’t tell me? Is there any way I can check my compliance other than online, perhaps by calling CBP? 3. We are planning to submit our DS-260 this week. Is it possible to do so while I am in the US? If so, would I include this trip under the section about previous US travel and what would I put as the duration of stay since it is unknown? If I knew that I had a good chance of being able to cross again, especially with the holidays coming up and wanting to spend them with my husband, I would absolutely go back because it’s pretty jarring to have a 5 day trip unexpectedly turn into a ~6 month one. The problem is my ties to Canada are weak (my job is a remote unpaid internship and I live with my parents) so I’m leaning towards extending. I just want to be sure that extending won’t jeopardize our application because it’s absolutely not worth it if it will. Any thoughts?
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