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  1. I don't thinks the shutdown gonna effect the background check , because the security of the States is the first priorities , there are things that goes with the shutdown but not the security of the States.
  2. Moses Bee


    Right DS 160 for K1 visas and while DS 260 for CR1/IR1 visas . It's for fiancée DS 160 and Marriage couples for DS 260.
  3. Forecast and pray , all will be well , me and my wife had gone through this more than we can ever chewed , but at long last , the great God of universe proof to us all things are possible.
  4. If you still doubt about this issues whether you had paid AOS or not for the second child , I will advice you , call an make an enquiry at the NVC before the interview , I thinks all will be well and you will have your mind stable back on that issue.
  5. It might have been too much load on them , it's happened sometimes, be patient all will be well in God name.
  6. Moses Bee

    Interview letter

    Its an email from the NVC stating your interview appointment date and time together with your case number attached to it , which you will download for your medical appointment and interview appointment at the Embassy.
  7. Did you submitted the rest requirement to the NVC and paid your Visa fees ?
  8. Moses Bee


    Opposite but you will go ahead a little bit after that over head bridge by the right.
  9. Moses Bee


    Used the email they provided you but try to change the password for your own convenient to enable you with a stable memory on your password.
  10. Moses Bee


    You have to arrived there early because sometimes they used to call out everybody and does not go according to your scheduled interview time. You will be there and everyone is gone inn.
  11. They asked this original documents for only clarification examples : 1) Your husband Original Birth certificate 2) Your marriage Original certificate 3) Original Police Report 4) Original Passport 5) Medical Report 6) Two Passport photos 7) And your original I'D 😎 Take with you any proof of employment and makes photo copies of the Original documents you are taking with you , attached to it . It will be giving you back after the interview, Its part of the interview process. Yes you can take your Baby with you as part of your evidence to your marriage. Wishes you all the best .
  12. Moses Bee


    It depends where you are , if you are outside Accra , the moment you arrived in Accra at the circle , just get a taxi and ask him to take you to the DHL Head Office which is not too far opposite by the right side of the road to the Nima police station .
  13. Just be patient it will be OK , a friends of mine waited one and half month before able to schedule a appointment.
  14. My case was reaffirmed case filled in the States not directly in the Embassy. But all the same , I scheduled my first date on October but was cancelled when I went for my interview with my wife , reason was all reaffirmed cases are not suppose to schedule an appointment on Friday . I rescheduled again and it was cancelled again, but as for the second cancellation of this appointment I don't really know the reason why they cancelled it , so my wife addressed the issue to her congresswoman to intervene and she did. I was given a mandate to schedule a new appointment by the Embassy . I waited searching for a new appointment but at this time, it took almost one month before I was able to get my last appointment.
  15. Just a while because I keep checking three to four times a day , and I was able to scheduled three appointment but two was cancelled at the beginning before I got the last one . So pls don't give up keep checking three to four times in a day , you will surely get one.