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  1. Good day! I would like to ask how to fix mistakes on my ds 260 as i have done a lot of mistakes made on my ds 260 form


    1. Mistakes on part of given names, Didn’t include all middle names! Just first names 😥

    2. Didn’t put my highschool and grade school degree, i only put only my college degree! 😥

    3. I checked ‘No’ to previous address which should have been a ‘YES’ (Reason is that my current address is just a 3 minutes away from my previous address which is my parent’s house, as i am currently living with my in-laws, it’s just different from the name of street but in the same area) i misunderstood, knowing that i should only put address on PREVIOUS ADDRESS i been resided outside my address which I’ve never been. 

    help me please! How to correct please help 😓 so worried right now. 

  2. Oh yeah that is part of the process for you to enable track your passport in good hand after your interview .
  3. Your priority date is the date when Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative was received by USCIS.
  4. It doesn't meant you can schedule your own interview bro , the letter is telling you that , every new cases get their interview scheduled by the consular after the consular first review their case and they will be send an email for an interview date . So wait bro , you will receive an email from the US consular in your country indicating about your interview date !
  5. I knew they will tell you in two weeks time , because that's how they used to tell everybody , so try to email them about it , by asking the update of your passport.
  6. You don't have to call Ghana direct , there is a similar number operated in the States reference to the all US embassies around the world , if you call that number is the same as you have call US Embassy in Ghana .
  7. Actually it used to happened sometimes but you have to email the embassy to bring their attention on your case issue . And most important to call them in addition to ask about the update of your passport after the interview. This sometimes works and you may get a good response or they will sees the update of your passport for you and let you know what to expect ahead.
  8. Be patient , it will take approximately a week or 12 days to hear from the Embassy about your passport . They will send you text massage on your phone and email you in addition in your email address to let you know your passport is ready for pick up .
  9. In Ghana any reaffirmed cases need a new police report , so I will advice you to get a new police report when you are going on for your interview. Good luck !!!
  10. They will ask you only the exact submitted documents which was submitted to USCIS only as a reference , but not the one you did not includes in your processing documents to USCIS.
  11. I advice you to do that , and state the reason behind the delayed not included into the documents in a reference to the submitted documents . Good luck.
  12. Yes the consular will demand the original of any documents submitted to the USCIS at the time for your visa processing interview date , so please if you know the marriage certificate can't be find , I advice you to go back where your marriage certificate was issue and clarify the problems for them to issue you a replacement. However , if you didn't do it , it gonna be a very serious issue with the CO to believe your marriage is not a sham or fake because that original marriage certificate is very important to them at the time for your visa processing interview.
  13. You are fine to go , USCIS don't usually give a call , but they used to post you a mail or email you in your e-mail address about any process contains your case .
  14. Brother , this question is referring your past and now the present . (1) Imaging you have no any child with your wife before and now you do have a child , is part of the change. (2) she don't have a house of her own but now she do , is part of the change. (3) you never have a bank account together but now you both do have account together , is part of the change. ETC , ETC . So just look at it and say something BRO. Good luck and wishing all the best.
  15. Anwar , tell your wife to call the NVC to confirm about her case and proceed forward , if there is anything wrong about that delay , the NVC will let her know how to process it . Wishing you all the best my brother !!!
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