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  1. Hi! you have to book the medical appointment by yourself through phone and they will also ask when your interview date would be. Don't forget to bring your appointment letter, vaccination records and ds-160, and four 2"x2" passport pictures (if I remember right). How the medical exam was already explained above, but for the X-ray you have to walk to another building, I just used google maps for that. NOTE: On the day of my K1 visa interview I had to pick up my medical results, I don't know if they do that now but after your medical exam they will give you clear instructions. You can only pick it up at a certain time so keep that in mind. Everything went smoothly for me. I was only nervous about the needles. lol
  2. UPDATE: In Wisconsin Social Security Office I wasn't allowed to change my SSC to my married name. I needed to wait for my greencard or EAD. I tried but I guess I didn't succeed
  3. My dutch name on my passport and birth certificate has no middle name. I am planning to use my husband's last name for AOS. Based on my experience U.S. Names have middle names. Should I use my maiden last name as my new middle name? or should I not use a middle name on my U.S. documents? Note: If I apply for a new dutch passport they only include "wife of ..." Just wondered if this creates conflict with everything.
  4. I am starting to gather documents for my AOS applications and I have numerous questions 1. I have filed a Social Security Number before my marriage. I am planning to change my name, is it smart to update my Social Security number first with my new name? 2. Do we need to send in supporting documents such as pictures of the wedding with the I-485 or is the marriage certificate enough? 3. Do I also need passport style photos of my husband or do they only need mine? 4. I completed my medical examination and vaccinations, where do I put my medical records? Thanks in advance!
  5. I asked someone who just had their interview about 2 weeks ago. You do have to pick it up at the doctor's office where you had your medical exam. You can only pick it up on the day of the interview from 11-12 am. I'm guessing they changed the whole process just recently. I have my interview in about two weeks I can post also an update on how it really went.
  6. I've had that happen to me too, also took a couple of days. Just keep on trying and make sure the Receipt number is right. I think it's a software/website problem.
  7. I was instructed to pick up the results of my medical exam before my visa interview. I've read instructions online that usually the medical results will be sent to the consulate by the doctor himself. Have they changed this process? I just wanted to make sure because I think it's odd I have to pick it up myself
  8. I think the most important files are proof of being together in person for the last two years (pictures, boarding passes, passport stamps, hotel receipts etc.) . We didn't even have an engagement announcement and we still got approved. I didn't even include facebook messages or chats. Just one page of screenshot skype logs.
  9. that's why I said consulates are different. I thought I could help by sharing my experience.
  10. I had almost the same situation, Applied for tourist visa a year ago, I just finished school that time and was unemployed, I was visiting my boyfriend then and had weak ties to my home country. I got approved but I think it was purely because I was just being honest about everything told the Consulate officer I am only visiting for 2 months (which is pretty long actually). I brought a letter from my boyfriend addressing to the Consulate that he will financially provide for me and that he guarantees I will go back to my home country. I brought my own bank statement to show my "bills". I got approved and received a 10 year tourist visa which really shocked me since I asked for 3-6 months. She did warn me about the immigration officers in the U.S.(since my stay was more than a month), just make sure you have a return ticket. I know consulates are different. But it's worth a try.
  11. My fiancé and I have already applied for our K1 Visa and now we are just patiently waiting for our approval. My issue is I am already a dual citizenship. Born in the Netherlands and I grew up in the Philippines and moved back to the Netherlands 3 years ago. I just wondered if there are some issues having dual citizenship while processing. Do I need to show that I am dual citizenship or do I just go about using my dutch passport? I am filing the visa in the Netherlands.
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