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  1. we went to this website: irs.gov/individuals/get-transcript to request his tax returns. Then we wrote a letter of why he did not have to do his taxes the year he was under the income requirement. it was fine.
  2. I went through this a couple of months ago, my paperwork was delivered april 15th, i did not get my notices until may 20th. 30 days after your paperwork is delivered you are allowed to open a service request about it by calling them.
  3. Does the online status under case-history say that the expedite request has been completed? An open ending is maybe even worse than a denial
  4. Fellow April filer here and just read through the last weeks of this thread. So crazy how so many of us have been getting the RFE for the birth certificates- the same happened in my case! I knew for sure that I had sent it with the original packet (and keep exact copies at home so I knew it was definitely there), but just overnighted it to them. Congratulations to everybody already passing their interviews and getting their cards, insane how quick that goes in some places! I just got my EAD approved after expedition so am celebrating that for now and hopefully the GC interview won't be too long but my case has been ready to interview for a while now. No scheduled interview yet.
  5. Oh no! I'm sorry that really blows... I don't even know what you would be expected to do in such a situation? The point of an expedite request is that they don't let these 'other factors' delay your process (because regular non-expedited request are already delayed by this!) right? Ughh. Did they tell you how long to wait for or something at least?
  6. No problem! Just checked out your timeline in your signature it looks like a carbon copy of mine lol, I hope you hear something soon! USCIS requested me to fax the evidence to Division 5 Team 1
  7. Another Dutchie here I have been in the US since March and entered on a K1. This was a difficult issue for me as well, because there's so many things that come into play: you want to be with your fiance ASAP, but you don't want to risk quitting your job and having your visa for some reason be on hold or denied and be left without income... I had a 4 week cancellation policy at my job at the time. Everybody there knew I was planning to move to the US but I did not tell anybody that my visa was approved until after the interview. My passport came back within a week after visiting the consulate but that was in February, right now it may be busy because its summer/travel season? Either way I made the decision to not officially give my 4 week notice until the visa got approved. Yes, that meant I had to wait until a little bit after I had my visa in hand already to travel to my fiance, but it meant more to me to know for certain that the visa was approved before I quit my job, because the risk of being without income if it had been denied would not work for my situation. Also what is a couple of more weeks in the Netherlands if after that you get to move to the US to be with your partner indefinitely? That's how we looked at it. I also made sure I had a bunch of paid vacation days left over at the time of giving my 4 weeks which meant I actually only worked 2 of the last 4 weeks- and still got to leave relatively quickly and get paid for my time off. Maybe you have some paid vacation days left over too that you can use that way? Good luck with your decision!
  8. Update: I was able to do a walk in for my biometrics on July 3rd, simply told them that I had an appointment on the 9th and asked them if there was anything they could do for me that day. I was told to come back later and they saw me then. July 8th my biometrics were processed and July 13th I received the approval of my expedite request. You are right: Thanks everybody for your help
  9. Just received an email (on Saturday?!) that they have indeed approved my expedite request! Thanks everybody
  10. Just received an email (on Saturday?!) with the official approval notice of my expedite request so here to share a successful timeline so far: June 6th: expedite requested (1st time) based on financial loss (I had a job offer in writing) June 12th: asked to fax evidence June 13th: faxed job offer and cover letter June 18th: received RFIE for birth certificate June 19th: overnighted birth certificate June 22nd: called to 're-activate' expedite request June 26th: received e-mail that expedite was on hold because of missing biometrics, biometrics immediately got scheduled July 3rd: Walk in biometrics July 8th: called to 're-activate' expedite request again (added the category of benefits for the US because the job offer was for a non-profit, unsure if this helped?) July 13th: Received email that expedite request was approved, status online changed to 'card is being produced' Good luck everybody.
  11. Hi guys. I requested an expedite on June 6th, did my biometrics July 3rd and re-activated my expedite req on July 8th. Today early morning the 'case history' status changed to it being assigned to an officer and later during the day the big update changed to 'card being produced' but the little case history status updated with 'we are working on it'. I am very hesitant to start celebrating but wanted to know how did you guys find out about approval? I am hoping this is the approval, but scared to be disappointed (again). I did not get any email from them today. This is what my status looks like now:
  12. Thank you! And it's normal that the small status under case history doesn't say anything about it? And that I did not get an email? I definitely want to hahaha
  13. Hi guys! Very nervous to get excited too early. If you know any of my other posts you know Ive been working on expediting my EAD and this morning my case was finally assigned to an officer (the big status just said 'fingerprints have been processed' and the small case history thing said the second down the one were it says 'assigned to officer', I have been checking back all day to see the status change and just now I saw this change: So the big one has changed to 'card being produced' but the small case history one does not say the 'expedite request approved' that I was expecting??? I don't know weather or not this is the good news that I was hoping for! Anybody with a history of expedite req for EAD who can shed some light? Furthermore: I also have not yet received an email from them saying anything today, which I also sort of expected since all expedite info has been via email so far.... What do you guys think?
  14. Hey, yes I have also experienced this. I received my NOA1 on may 20th, my documents were delivered to USCIS on April 15th. My biometrics were scheduled on June 26th to take place on July 9th. Between delivery of documents to USCIS and my biometrics was nearly 90 days... Wish I could tell you what to do to make it go quicker but as long as you've got a Service Request going that's all you can do. Maybe call the Ombudsman to ask for advice? For as far as I know there is no time limit they have to stick to concerning biometrics. Good luck!
  15. They took 90 days after receiving my paperwork to schedule me for my biometrics which really worries me glad everything went so quick in your case!
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