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    Hi guys. I am back after a little hiatus. Happy new year to all. Today, I took the oath to  become a US citizen.
    My case was a little different than most others. I filed my N400 online on May 27, biometrics on june 18, was scheduled for interview on Oct 24. Everything went smoothly till then. However one day prior to my interview, I receive a voicemail on my work phone that my interview next day has been cancelled because they dont have my file. I was a little skeptical at first because I thought that USCIS won't call but will send a written notice if they wanted to cancel. But after I read a few posts online, I found that USCIS do call in some cases. Next day, I just played dumb and went to USCIS and indeed my interview was cancelled. The  receptionist told me that they will reschedule in 120 days. Needless to say, I was quite disappointed. A few days later I received a written notice regarding the cancelled interview. After a month of waiting, I lost my patience and decided to get an infopass appointment but transparently Detroit has now stopped issuing infopass appointments, except if you need passport stamps. So I called the 1800 number and spoke to an L2 officer. She said that my file is requested from NBC and is now in transit. An hour after talking to the L2 officer, I received text that my interview was scheduled!!
    On December 18th, I had my interview and everything went smoothly. First fingerprinted, followed by English/civics test and then another officer reviewed the N400 form. While reviewing the form, had a small chat with the officer. Turns out that I have two different A-files. One was created when I got my OPT-EAD after graduating from university (I originally came on F1 visa) and the other was created during the AOS process. The IO had received my A-file from AOS application but not the one from OPT application and therefore my original interview was cancelled. When I came back home, I looked up my OPT-EAD card and it had a different A#. I also looked up my I-485 form and indeed the A-number section was left blank. The attorney who was hired by my employer didn't fill in my A# from my OPt-EAD on the I-485 form. Consequently, a separate file was created. When I filed my N400, the NBC sent my AOS A-file to Detroit but the OPT A-file was sitting in a retirement facility. Normally, the two files are combined together and sent to the FO but sometimes, like in my case, they fail to do this. So lesson from this is to make sure you use the same A# (if you have one) while filing your I-485.
    After my interview, I received a text that I was in line for oath. The next day, I was scheduled for oath on Jan 3. Oath ceremony was short and sweet. It was an amazing feeling to take the oath along with 80 new citizens. Some of new citizens were from war-ravaged countries who have probably suffered a lot in their lives. So I am not complaining about the few days of delay I had in my process. Anyway, I wish the best to all the people who are waiting. Good luck!
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    Although i don't have first hand interview experience, I think the tax questions you mentioned are not going to be relevant in your case. But I would sill carry the tax transcripts to prove that you and your spouse don't owe any taxes.
    Re: mailing address, you can choose to receive your mail at your office address. Just explain it to the IO if asked. Also carry proof of your residential address - utility bills, lease docs etc. I think you should be fine. Good luck!
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    Got interview letter today. Scheduled for Oct 24.
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    Looks like Detroit is going back to the slow lane 😕
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    I will be ecstatic if that happens but I doubt that. 
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