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  1. Yeah, that makes sense. And no worries...i know you aren't 😊
  2. Aren't police reports only needed if you live in the country?
  3. Yeah... I've been thinking the same thing. It's great there is progress with the border opening, but thinking it's not worth the risk of a denial.
  4. My husband is wondering about crossing the border in to Syria daily from Jordan to work. Will this affect his chances of being approved for the CR1/IR1?
  5. I was just reading the instructions for the K3 and it asks for passport photos of both of us...how do you get that when your spouse is in another country? I don't remember having to send them for the I130.
  6. Our NOA1 is Dec 21, 2018....maybe we should give the K3 a try too. I going to visit my husband in about a month, so if i send it now maybe we can get lucky and get an approval while I'm there by our anniversary...i can dream lol
  7. Have you looked in to magicjack? It's fairly low cost and gives you a US phone number that you can call from and receive calls to. I think you can handle calls through their app now after you enroll. It's been awhile since I've used it so i don't know where all it works now 😊
  8. Yeah...but that's a rarity. They are mainly working on June/July right know according to the Nebraska group and timeline searches. I won't hold my breath for now 😊
  9. Congrats! I'm happy for you and hope the rest of your journey goes quickly and smoothly! Our case is in Nebraska, so we are looking at 11-12 months before getting an NOA2 😵 At this rate, it might just be better to wait till after our 2 year anniversary for him to come so he can get his 10 yr green card instead of the 2 yr...what's a couple more months at that point lol I've decided with Nebraska I'll just try to keep laughing to avoid crying 😊
  10. I just got a response: "We tried to expedite in February but was denied as the case “was not strong enough”. After that, we sent I-129F (K3) in March. Nothing more. They approved I-130 on 4th and denied I-129F on 5th, reason of that denial is obvious..."
  11. That's amazing, since they are mostly still working on June 2018.
  12. In my December filers forum someone posted this: "NOA1 on 14 December 2018 and we got approved on 4 June 2019 when processing in NSC!" I responded to get more details on how!! I'll update once i know more 😊
  13. Congrats!! How? Did you expedite it, get a congressman or something involved, or what? Us fellow Nebraska filers would love to know!!
  14. We're in Nebraska too. The only positive i can focus on is the possibility of my husband getting a 10 year green card instead of the 2 year since he probably won't receive his visa till after our 2 year anniversary. I've stopped watching most of the other service centers to not go crazy.
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