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  1. New Card is being produced for EAD (150 days after recieved, No Expedite). No update on the AP recip number tho, hope they come as a combo. Goodluck to everyone, fingers crossed you get your soon!!!
  2. There is no doubt about that and I am thankful for your answer!
  3. I see and agree with you guys. It has been more as a friendly agreement between each other, but will probably end it for sure.
  4. Hey guys, I hope I'm writing in the correct forum section. So I met my current wife 4 years ago while working as a lifeguard in my summer off during college with J1 visa. Then i kept returning for the next two summers. Besides lifeguarding i was giving swimming lessons with the company i was working with. Since I came now with a K1 and everything was going fine and smooth, we filed in the beginning of April for AOS,EAD,AP and everything is pending at the moment. In the the beginning of the summer i met some of the parents of kids i used to give swim lesssons to before, and they wished me to continue doing that privately for some payhment and I agreed. They have been paying me for each lesson through PayPal and then i was transferring the amount to my american bank account i opened upon arrival. My concern is if that is considered illegal and can it affect in a negative way either my green card interview or if I decide to expedite my EAD, since it has been so long already and I need to start an actual job due to financial loss. Thank you!
  5. Northen Virginia (D.C. Area) Dr. Ann Mecherikunnel 107 East Holly Avenue Suite 3 Sterling VA 20164 Phone number: 703-435-5510 Dr Ann was really nice! After making phone calls in the area, as usual they all were unaware what im talking about and wanted to charge just for the full medical exam. After contacting Dr Ann, her receptionist was nice and informed about my case so i went to see them in person. She charged me $30 to fill the transcript and i had to pay additional $50 for the blood test for the missing vaccines in the transcript (which i just did not find old records back in my country for but i had them done) so totally i spent $80. Highly recommend!
  6. That is pretty much what i needed to hear, thank you so much for your fast and helpful answers! We are filing tomorrow and hopefully we wont have to wait that long
  7. Hello everybody, I am about to send out the AOS package, but the only thing which is left is the Affidavit of support. My wife is a student at the moment, although she is working at the same time a part-time job and not really getting that much hours per week to cover the requirements. We will use her mother as a co-sponsor since we live with her in her house. I would like to ask few things: 1. Should we just fill one I-864 2. Should i put as a main sponsor my wife with however she is making and then as joint sponsor her mother or the other way around. 3. Who's tax history papers should we send with the form. Thank you in advance!
  8. Hello guys, I hope everyone is having a great day! I have a question regarding the documents which i need to gather after the approval. We got the NOA2 on 20th December, and my fiance will be concacting one of these days the visa center for our Case number. In the meantime I am about to start gathering my documents for the invetrview. Although I am wondering if i should get the police background certificate and the court certificate right now or i should wait until i get the interview scheduled, and if the embassy need those 2 documents to be dated with closest possible date to the interview. Thank you!
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