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  1. Good evening VJ, How did one start their NOIR letter? Having a hard time starting the beginning. Ours is questioning that the marriage wasn't bona fide. Whay kind of things did you put into your letter, or evedience you provided? Thanks.😊💕
  2. Maybe step by step instructions will help. Trying up load NOIR for people to review and help give advice as this is a time sensitive matter for us. Thanks
  3. Does anybody know how to add a attachments after compressing it down to size?
  4. Trying to figure out how to put all 3 pages into a PDF as I'm trying to do it from my phone, & upload to here. Will have to try from computer tomorrow.:(
  5. Evening VJ, So after my husband being denied in October 16, 2016 we finally received our NOIR letter today in the mail. 3 years and 9 months.!. I knew that they were going to say it wasn't a Bona Fide marriage, but other things the CO wrote weren't even asked!! Especially when the interview was 8-10 minutes long! How did you go about writing your rebuttal letter, & the things you included in it, and the time it took to get a response, & outcome.?. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance 😊💕
  6. I guess I'll see what the true letter says when it comes. Can't imagine it is any of these. The CO was very rude and laughed after the 5 questions he asked my husband. The CO told my husband a black man will never make it in the US, or live in the US. He also threw all evidence back at my husband at the end with no reason as to why for the decision.
  7. We were never told or given a reason day of his interview as to why. Officer was very cold & racist and interview was only 8 minutes long! On the advice of our lawyer we got married in Africa where he lives. She said that was the fastest way to get him here. I wanted to file a K-1 and get married here, but she advised me to do it her way. So im thinking that's the only red flag.
  8. I only received the email today, giving me heads up that a decision was finally made. They stated that is was sent in the mail June 26th. So far as the reason I don't officially have the letter yet. I can only guess that it's they don't believe it's a real marriage. I just want to start preparing and be ready when it does come.
  9. Hello VJ, Just looking for some insight on our REVOKE NOTICE. As it is time sensitive matter. So after waiting 3 years and 9 months for our denial letter, I have received our NOIR!!! When writing back and submitting what kind of content did you put in your letter and talk about.?.
  10. Hello, My husband's case after 3 year wait had been re-approved. USCIS says to wait now 60 days for or NOIR/NOID decision. How did or, how has anyone preceded after getting their letter? What details did you write back in your letter? Lastly, what additional evidence did they ask for? I've provided trip tickets, hotel recipes, shared bank accounts, beneficiary, my will, chat logs, ect... Anything else that you think I should have or included to send them? Thanks
  11. They gave everything back to him along with all evidence, support letters, etc... they kept one photo of ours. They gave him the blue letter at the end of his 8 minute interview saying they were unable to give him the visa under code 221g. And for me the petitioner to wait for a lette to responsed to. Been waiting since October 2016.
  12. As I stated earlier we did had a lawyer who gave us bad advice, & has not helped with anything since my husbands denial. Financially spent a lot of money. As we were her first denial case she had, and had now clue how to proceed. Secondly, our case was returned April 11th, 2017 to the NVC in California. This is all the congressional person was able to find out for us. We also tried to expedite our case though the congress office as well, with no luck. They told us they're unable to help us any further. Case has been processing and reviewed since that time.
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