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  1. Enjoy your time back in the UK. We took a trip back for a week before Christmas, wow it was sad coming back to the US. I've never been homesick, but I felt terrible for a couple of days when I came back. Then I realized it’s like the sadness you feel when coming back from a really great holiday. Add a sprinkle of family on top and it makes the feelings stronger. Still the only thing I yearn for is an orange warburtons loaf, been here 9 months and I can’t find anything even close.
  2. Yeh, here is the Knightsbridge fees. https://www.knightsbridge-doctors.com/practice-fees
  3. I remember I worked with the receptionist and the nurse at the surgery and got them for free. Didn’t even need to push them, just asked. You can always pay for them at Knightsbridge.
  4. Thought I’d chime in here. Been here since April and my fico is 711. Steps I took. 1. Added onto partners Amex shortly after I got my ssn 2. Put $500 into a discover secured card (became unsecured in oct with a $2500 credit line increase) 3. Applied and was approved for a Target Store card, was approved with an initial credit line of $500. I need to start using it more to increase the limit. I expect my fico to be in great shape by the end of next year, hopefully up to 750. The length of credit certainly has an impact, think it’s 15% of overall score.
  5. Same thing happened with me in February. I was flying with United business, called ahead, took one guitar on the plane in the overhead, one guitar went into my checked, it was a strat so I took the neck off, and put the neck into a plastic waste pipe and filled it with packing peanuts. The body I just wrapped in clothes. My third guitar went with ups, got a box from eBay, massive amounts of polystyrene , foam and peanuts, arrived all good. bass guitar might be tricky though because of the size. If I were you I’d dump the soft cases take off the necks and handle them as 2 pieces.
  6. I remember when I moved I sent 4 boxes before I left with UPS. Boxes were 40x30x30 and 20kg each. From what I remember worked out to £60 a box.
  7. Who cares about this policy, it only affects poor people. Poor people don’t deserve to be with their loved ones anyway. Poor people shouldn’t have the right to a family life if they can’t afford it. My taxes shouldn’t be going to help those less fortunate. I’m sure glad that half my taxes go on defense and fixing the darn PA roads! More barriers and blockades on the poor please!
  8. The job in the Cinema although fantastic to get your own money and get out of the house, might be holding you back now. I know when I didn't have a job I would check job sites every day, maybe send off 2 resumes or complete 2 applications a day. I said to myself if I haven't found a job relevant to where I worked in the UK that paid xxx salary in 6 months then I would take anything. I got super lucky and fell into a great job after 3 months. As far as driving, did you drive in the UK? If you did you should feel like a driving expert over here. After you rewire your brain a bit to drive on the right its a scoosh. I certainly dont miss massive roundabouts from the UK and I think the signposts for lanes are also clearer here in the US. Like some weird junctions in the UK I wouldn't know what lane I should be in until I was at the junction.
  9. Just go take the test. Think I took my GC, Passport, SS number card and a letter from PNC with my name on it. A monkey could pass the test, it was that easy. If the test center was anything like mine read up on it and see what they commonly fail people on before you go. There are different rules for Residents and Non-Residents driving on foreign licences. Here is the link to the documents you'll need to take: http://www.dot.state.pa.us/Public/DVSPubsForms/BDL/BDL Publications/pub 195nc.pdf Scroll down you'll see the stuff you need for a K-1 I tried to Find it on PennDOT for you but all i could find was: ( It doesn't specify the difference between Non-Resident and Resident) 5. Can I drive in Pennsylvania with my Foreign Driver's License? Individuals who possess a valid foreign driver's license from their country are authorized to drive in Pennsylvania for up to one year from their date of entry into the United States, or upon expiration of their foreign license, whichever comes first. International driving permits are strongly recommended, but not required. I think you can drive on a foreign licence for 60 days.
  10. Do a SAR on the Acro website. If his cert comes back with no live trace they will ask for the SAR anyway. If the SAR come back with nothing, happy days. As far as 'lying' to get an ESTA I wouldn't worry about it. @Pooley man traveled on an ESTA after having some dealings with the law and they got their K1.
  11. I needed to get my Bachelors evaluated for my job and they only accepted a translation form NACES. https://www.naces.org/ You'll need to discuss it with HR or the School you're applying for to see what they would accept. If it's a two year diploma it may translate into an Associates Degree.
  12. Oh @Pooley tell him to apply for a discover secured credit card as soon as he gets his ssn and opens a regular bank account. I’ve only been here for 3 months and capital one have issued me with an unsecured card 3 days ago, delighted. So important that he starts to build his credit as soon as he can. Oh and if you have any cards, add him on as a authorized user, they’ll be added to his report too.
  13. Did anyone that moved from the UK have trouble weaning themselves off of UK news? I love the BBC and still check it maybe 6 times a day. I’m trying hard to transition to NBC for my news, but I feel disconnected from the stories and I don’t really like how it’s reported/written.
  14. Well hopefully, he might surprise you and feel comfortable right away. One thing I don't miss from the UK is the drinking culture. Drinking after work, going for pub lunches and events with friend always revolved around drinking. I mean I like a beer, but not coming home smashed a couple of nights a week. I started work last week and no one has asked me out for a drink or even talked about going to a bar. I actually felt super relieved. One thing I do hate about America on the other hand is Lip-Service - 'I worked 15 hours yesterday' - No you didn't
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