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  1. Why ask if you know the answer. Do what you want
  2. It's hardly misrepresentation. You weren't lying when you said you're on holiday to visit classmates. You've obviously omitted information, but that's not the same as misrepresentation.
  3. The do if you go through a US Preclearance POE
  4. Woaw, this thread. Its only fraud if she enters knowingly planning to change her status. People enter the states as a tourist and things change. Its not automatically fraud. Obviously your partner wants to move to the US. So if she enters as a non-immigrant planning to change her status, thats fraud.
  5. Looked that your post again, so all you sent was 4 affidavits? Try to relax, it's easy to say. Dont let it get to you. Maybe they have experience with 'clients' from the UK and deem 4x affidavits ample. Fingers crossed. What i'd be doing is preparing a packet similar to what is advised on here to be ready for an RFE if you get one.
  6. Did you include evidence of your facetime? Like passport stamps? So all you sent was 4 affidavits?
  7. thatguyuknow


    Awesome! When you leaving? Make a review for the consulate here: https://www.visajourney.com/reviews/
  8. We dont get physical medical results in the UK. They're electronically sent to the embassy. Follow the advice from @Wuozopo he is always right
  9. Good deal for the American spouse also. After 3 years of marriage to an Italian Citizen the American Citizen can apply for Italian Citizenship. Law: Act No. 91 of 5 February 1992 (Italy) Article 5 1. The foreign or stateless spouse of an Italian citizen may acquire Italian citizenship if, after the marriage, he or she has been legally resident for at least two years in the territory of the Republic, or after three years from the marriage if he or she has been residing abroad,
  10. thatguyuknow

    Entering USA with tourist visa as a I-130 applicant

    Best bit of advice in the thread. Show up and answer the questions clearly and simply. Don't volunteer any additional information unless asked.
  11. 4x UK or US style passport photos for Medical 2x US style passport photos for interview. 2x US style passport photos for petition. I actually used an online passport photo generator to get my photos. This was the generator: https://online-passport-photo.com/ Took a good photo at home with no shadows etc.. Uploaded them to the generator that formats them onto a 5x4 photo. Put the file on a memory stick and took it into asda. Printed the photos off for 15p each. Happy days. If you're not into tech stuff don't bother but just a suggestion. Have a look to the photo standards https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports/requirements/photos.html - No shadows, mouth closed, neutral expression etc.
  12. thatguyuknow

    Driving licence in PA

    I’m interested in this as I’ll be moving to PA Wonder if the 1 year rule is only for non immigrants?
  13. thatguyuknow

    Criminal history

    Why don't you complete your profile?
  14. thatguyuknow

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    ...and another thing. No one has any gentlemen sense or class. You never double button a suit jacket -.- both Eric and Colt double button. And collar buttons with a tie -.- And Eric’s massive tie pin, that thing is ugly! Eric you’re not Operating machinery, that’s the only acceptable time to wear one.