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  1. Means the "estimated wait time" keep decreasing. I logged in today and I see "Estimated Wait Time:" is 4 days. As you can see, I posted on the weekend and it said 5 days remaining. So it's like a countdown decreasing at the same rate. I don't know how accurate this is but looking like by Friday it should either change or they schedule an interview. I'll find out either way. Will post here. Thanks a lot. This is very helpful. I'll go over these.
  2. Yeah I mentioned everything I could remember because the question was "have you ever..." so I didn't wanna knowingly leave stuff out (incase they find out). let's see what's my recourse. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks for the reply. What to do if the courts no longer keep records (Fairfax county doesn't keep record after 10 years). I have a traffic citation from 15 years ago which I paid and settled right away but I don't have the receipts. Would a clean driving record from DMV suffice? If I haven't paid my license would be taken away.
  4. Congrats to all the newly minted US citizens. I filed in Feb and my estimated case completion shows OCT 2020 and estimated wait time shows 5 days. Anyone has a similar timeline? or is it very likely my interview gets rescheduled due to furloughs and what not. Anything else I should prepare for beside the 100 interview questions and knowing everything in my N400? Any supporting docs I should take beside GC etc? Thanks for your time.
  5. My estimated wait time is now 5 days. I've been checking every week and it keep dropping. Case completion still says October 2020. It's been that since I started to see this few weeks ago. How accurate are these estimation? Perhaps they are just guidance? Due to covid etc.. I've stopped tracking application since March and just started looking few weeks ago. Seems to be coming soon. Is there a guide somewhere to prepare for interview?
  6. Too late of a reply and you may already have your answer but anyone else wondering it's generally 7 - 10 days. My wife got it in 4 days though.
  7. I got a letter from my employer stating that I'm currently enrolled in employer offer health care plan and when my wife arrives she will be added to my health insurance promptly. In addition to that applicant will also have to fill up the Public Charge Questionnaire (DS-5540) form. However the embassy never asked my wife for this when she appeared but she learned that they have started to ask for this info starting next week.
  8. Right. The consulate in Kathmandu, Nepal gives you a note saying visa is approved after the interview (they verbally say that as well) and instructions on how to collect the passport in 3 days. This is why I said she got the visa (not literally of course )
  9. My wife just got asked 7 or so questions. It was done in less than 5 min.. Pretty standard stuff about relationship history, nothing unusual. Although my wife had 2 folder full of documents we put together following VJ interview guide.
  10. Wife got the visa yesterday. After such a long wait. Someone wise on these forums once said this couple of years ago when we began our waiting journey "if the day is coming that you dream about , the ordeal that you are suffering is sacred" It definitely feels that way now. Hope your significant other gets the interview as soon and you be together. God bless. Thanks to everyone here in VJ community for sharing their knowledge and helping each other out, it definitely made it easier. I-130 approved - Sep 26 2019 NVC Received - Oct 8th 2019 Case Created - Oct 28th 2019 Fee Paid - Nov 5th 2019 Doc Submitted - Nov 10th 2019 DQ - January 2nd 2020 IL - Feb 25 2020 Interview - March 2nd 2020
  11. Yeah I'm not sure either. I don't think we submitted any photos for beneficiary be it passport or otherwise. However we did upload copy of passport, police report etc that had photo of beneficiary.
  12. I second mint mobile too. Not just for fresh of the boat folks. I've been using mint for 3 years now. I pay yearly $200 and that's it! 3GB of data is more than enough for me. Compared that to paying $80 to T-Mobile was a waste considering Mint runs on T-Mobile network. I plan on getting my wife similar plan when she arrives.
  13. Nope, got DQ straight up beginning of January along with the email saying all docs accepted. We've been waiting for interview since then coming close to 7 weeks now. Folks from other countries have already gotten interviews in 3-4 weeks. I guess I'll just start calling repeatedly from tomorrow. Hoping for the best.
  14. Logging into NVC shows no issue. I see all ✔️ green check marks. Believe me this gets more and more frustrating as every days passes by. May be they are slowing down visa interview in South East Asia due to Corona Virus. No one knows. Calling NVC has been a futile effort. Person on the other end says the same thing every time - the embassy hasn't sent us any available dates to schedule interview. SIGH!
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